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Pilot Program
UC 4-H is committed to providing high-quality, youth development programming to youth throughout California, reaching all populations of youth throughout the state.

In 2015, UC ANR understood and accepted the challenge of examining how the 4-H Youth Development Program can better serve diverse audiences by investing $2,000,000 over a period of three years to pilot an intentionally focused effort to develop culturally relevant and responsive programs to welcome Latino youth, families, and volunteers to 4-H. Seven counties (Kern, Merced, Monterey, Orange, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Sonoma) were selected representing rural, suburban, and urban communities and because of successful efforts reaching Latino youth or due to being identified by the 2013 USDA review site as having high need to reach Latino youth with 4-H.

The vision of the UC ANR 4-H Latino Initiative is to: Develop, deliver, and assess cultural responsive program models to attract and retain Latino youth, families, and volunteers into 4-H.

Developing inclusive programming that engages new Latino youth and families can be easier with a bicultural and bilingual staff member promoting the program. However, being bilingual and bicultural does not guarantee success. We hope, these resources can help all county-based 4-H programs begin to build successful programs with new populations. 

Annual Report 2017 - UC ANR 4-H Latino Initiative

UC ANR 4-H Latino Initiative Impact Sheet 2018

Annual Report 2018 - UC ANR 4-H Latino Initiative

Assessing Needs


Marketing Files on Google Drive!



The seven pilot counties are asked to administer surveys to 100 youth, both PRE and POST, in 3 programs during the second year of the Initiative (2017-2018). 

Visit this page for more information about evaluation across all 4-H programming: http://4h.ucanr.edu/Resources/Evaluation/


Fact Sheets

UC Delivers


Staff in the Seven Pilot Counties (alphabetical order)

Photo of John Borba John Borba
Title: 4-H Youth Development Advisor
Specialty: Youth STEM programming for after-school programs, camping and outdoor education, youth leadership.
County: Kern County
Phone: (661) 868-6216
Email: jaborba@ucanr.edu


Photo of Jose A Campos Jose A Campos
Title: 4-H Youth Program Representative
Specialty: Latino Community Outreach
County: Merced County
Email: jaccampos@ucanr.edu


Photo of Maria de la Fuente Ph. D. Maria de la Fuente Ph. D.
Title: County Director Monterey - Farm & Master Gardener Advisor Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties
Specialty: Mushrooms, compost, specialty vegetables, nursery crops, plant pathology and soil microbiology. Urban Horticulture and Master Gardener Program Santa Clara.
County: Monterey County
Phone: (831) 759-7358
Email: medelafuente@ucanr.edu


Photo of Claudia P. Diaz Carrasco Claudia P. Diaz Carrasco
Title: 4-H Youth Development Advisor
County: Riverside County
Phone: 951-683-6491 Ext. 222
Email: cpdiaz@ucanr.edu


Yolva Gil
Title: 4-H Program Representative
County: Riverside County
Phone: (951) 683-6491 x227
Email: ygil@ucanr.edu


Photo of Russell D. Hill Russell D. Hill
Title: Associate 4-H Youth Development Advisor
Specialty: Science Literacy, after-school programming, outdoor/environmental education, program development, and organizational change.
County: Merced County
Phone: (209) 385-7418
Email: rdhill@ucanr.edu


Photo of Andrea Hollister Andrea Hollister
Title: 4-H Community Education Specialist II
Unit: Santa Barbara - Goleta Office
Email: aeborunda@ucanr.edu


Photo of Mr Diego A. Mariscal Mr Diego A. Mariscal
Title: 4-H Program Assistant
Specialty: Outreach
County: Sonoma County
Phone: 707-565-2681
Email: damariscal@ucanr.edu


Photo of Ms Esther Rodriguez Ms Esther Rodriguez
Title: Community Educator Specialist
County: Kern County
Phone: (661)868-6227
Email: erodrigue@ucanr.edu


Darlene Ruiz
Title: 4-H Program Representative- Diversity and Expansion / Latino Initiative
County: Monterey County
Phone: 831-759-7389
Email: druiz@ucanr.edu


Photo of Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty
Title: Statewide 4-H Director
Specialty: Positive Youth Development, Youth Science Literacy, Leadership
Unit: Youth, Families, and Communities Statewide Program
Phone: 530-750-1334
Email: lschmittmcquitty@ucanr.edu


Photo of Liliana Vega Liliana Vega
Title: 4-H Youth Development Advisor
County: San Luis Obispo County
Phone: 805-781-4188
Email: live@ucanr.edu


Photo of Steven M. Worker PhD Steven M. Worker PhD
Title: 4-H Youth Development Advisor
Specialty: Educational research; design and research of out-of-school (informal) learning environments; positive youth development; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education
County: Marin County
Email: smworker@ucanr.edu

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