University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program

4-H Evaluation

Spark Survey Results

The Spark Surveys are open twice a year for 4-H youth to fill out in the Online Record Book (ORB). The surveys allow us to take a "snapshot" of the 4-H'ers in the Fall and then again in the Spring. They allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of the 4-H program in developing youth in various areas. 

This infographic reflects the results from Spark Surveys completed by 4-H'ers in Spring 2018. Download a PDF of this infographic to share with your community partners, government officials, and more, to show how 4-H is helping youth grow their life skills.

Highlights of the 2018 Spark Surveys


Want to know more about how the data is used? Check out this FAQ!
FAQs about the Sparks Surveys


The reports below summarize results from the National 4-H Common Measures!
Universal Summary (2017-18)
Healthy Living Summary (2017-18)
Civic Engagement Summary (2017-18)
Science Summary (2017-18)
College & Career Readiness Summary (2017-18)


Evaluation Updates

Statewide Evaluation Updates/Reports

The Statewide Evaluation collects data annually from youth in our program based on outcomes in our framework. The files below provide a summary of the statewide results. For detailed information about the measures (e.g, alpha reliability, correlations among measures), please contact Kendra Lewis, Academic Coordinator for Evaluation. 

Annual Percentages
California Measures-Psychometrics

Camp Evaluation

Overnight summer camps are evaluated each summer. The evaluation consisted of two surveys: one for campers and one for teen staff. Below are fact sheets from each year for each survey.

2016 Camp Evaluation-Camper Fact Sheet
2016 Camp Evaluation-Teen Fact Sheet


2017 Camp Evaluation-Camper Fact Sheet
2017 Camp Evaluation-Teen Fact Sheet


2018 Camp Evaluation-Camper Fact Sheet
2018 Camp Evaluation-Teen Fact Sheet

Other Evaluation Updates

Online Record Book Satisfaction Survey Evaluation Report, 2014

Wellness Challenge Report, 2015

2015 Wellness Challenge Report

State Field Day Evaluation Report, 2013-2014

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