4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
4-H Youth Development Program

State 4-H Advisory Committees

The UC ANR 4-H Youth Development Program (4-H YDP) Advisory Committees provide leadership to the 4-H YDP within their respective areas and offer insight, review, and input for the operation and management of the 4-H YDP to the Associate Director of 4-H Program & Policy (Shannon Horrillo, sjhorrillo@ucanr.edu).

Advisory Committees are comprised of a representative group of 4-H youth, adult volunteers, county and state 4-H YDP staff and program partners. 

Reimbursement for Travel Costs: All travel costs and related expenses are reimbursed by the State 4-H Office in accordance with University policy.

Committee Chair Responsibilities

Committee Chairs are appointed by the Associate Director of 4-H Program & Policy. Responsibilities include:

  • Convening and facilitating committee meetings
  • Ensuring the committee fulfills its charge
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on candidates for their committee
  • Developing an annual budget, which is approved by the Associate Director of 4-H Program & Policy
  • Sharing committee work with all program stakeholders

Committee Responsibilities

  • Committees meet throughout the year, through face-to-face meetings, conference calls, and email communications in order to conduct committee business. All travel and related costs will be reimbursed by the State 4-H Office in accordance with University policies.
  • Committee terms start on July 1st. Youth terms are one year, renewable for an additional year; Adult Volunteers and Partner terms are for two years.

Committee Descriptions

  1. Animal Science Advisory Committee
  2. Camping Advisory Committee
  3. Civic Engagement Advisory Committee *NEW*
  4. Educational Technology Advisory Committee (former Tech Leadership Team)
  5. Healthy Living Advisory Committee
  6. Incentives and Recognition Advisory Committee
  7. Multicultural & Community Engagement Advisory Committee *NEW*
  8. Policy Advisory Committee
  9. Positive Youth Development Advisory Committee
  10. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Advisory Committee
  11. Shooting Sports Advisory Committee
  12. Volunteer Development Advisory Committee



Recruitment will continue until committees are full.

There are two application options to choose from:

1. Apply online  by following the link to the
2016-2017 California 4-H Youth Development Program Advisory Committee Application

2. Print and fill out advisory committee application and mail to the State 4-H Office, 2801 Second Street, Davis, CA 95618.  Printable Advisory Committee Application

Eligibility Criteria



Between the ages of 14 and 19 years of age during the term

Current and former 4-H members

12 months starting July 1 (renewable for 12 additional months)

Adult Volunteers

18 years of age and older

Current 4-H Adult Volunteers

24 months starting July 1

Program Partners

Educators, funders, and other program partners and collaborators

24 months starting July 1

County 4-H Youth Development Program Staff

  • 4-H Program Representatives
  • 4-H Youth Development Advisors
  • 4-H County Directors

24 months starting July 1

State 4-H Youth
Program Staff and
UC Administration

  • State 4-H Office Staff
  • Staff from Office of the Controller and Business Services
  • California 4-H Foundation Staff

Indefinite, based on position


Experts with specialized knowledge

Indefinite, based on position

Selection Process

Membership in all Advisory Committees should reflect the diverse 4-H delivery modes, geographic locations, program experiences, and stakeholder representation in the 4-H YDP. The committee composition is determined by the Associate Director of 4-H Program & Policy and the Committee Chair, based on the committee charge and budget constraints. 

The Associate Director of 4-H Program & Policy, Shannon Horrillo sjhorrillo@ucanr.edu, approves appointments to each committee. In the event of vacancies and to ensure diverse representation, the Associate Director of 4-H Program & Policy may recruit and appoint members outside the open pool of applicants. 


Date Action

Committee Chairs determine membership needs, which includes determining which members are continuing and which are rotating off

May 31 Applications due: online or postmarked by May 31

List of applicants sent to each Committee Chair for review. When there are not enough candidates to fulfill the committee needs, the Committee Chairs may nominate people for committee appointments.


Reference check on final candidates with county 4-H staff.


Appointments receive approval from Associate Director of 4-H Program & Policy


Notification letters sent to all candidates


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