4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
4-H Youth Development Program

4-H Framework

How does the 4-H program work?

High quality 4-H activities engage youth in subject area topics (content) in an environment (context) where youth feel safe and free to share, learn, and grow. Focusing on both content and context is a critical piece in helping youth thrive.

Research shows that when youth are engaged and self-direct their own learning, the learning is optimized. Adult volunteers and teen educators are essential to this learning - facilitating the learning process using hands-on, experiential methods, where youth are free to explore. View this following link for the UC 4-H Youth Development Program Framework.

4-H Subject Areas

The content of 4-H programs focus on science, engineering and technology; healthy living; and citizenship. These subject areas clearly describe program priorities and provide a framework to organize and focus program development, management, and implementation strategies.

Healthy Living
Science, Engineering, & Technology (SET)
Link to Leadership & Speaking project area page


4-H strives to create an atmosphere of positive youth development where youth are able to explore knowledge, share ideas and grow skills, and find their passion. Positive youth development experiences help youth to envision and work towards their full potential. Youth-adult partnerships engage both members and volunteers in equal learning experiences. 

Positive Youth Development
Youth-Adult Partnerships

Learning Environment

The 4-H program is based on a proven experiential learning model that creates an educational climate through planned learning by exploring, doing, and receiving feedback. By completing 4-H projects (see project-based learning), 4-H members gain valuable experience while finding and nurturing their spark.

Experiential Learning
Project-Based Learning
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