University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program

4-H Manuals & Publications

4-H Mission and Direction (2003)
The mission statement of 4-H, program guidelines, as well as specific program criteria are all found in this book. It is a guide to the goals, objectives, and implementation tools of the 4-H YDP.

Project Leaders' Digest (2007)

Project leaders are an integral part of 4-H's mission to educate and inspire the next generation. The Project Leader's Digest contains useful information about effective youth development strategies, youth-adult partnerships, and safety procedures.

Youth With Special Needs - Leaders Handbook (2013)
Disabled youth often have special needs, and this handbook provides the necessary tools and information to accommodate those needs. 4-H volunteers and leaders should become familiar with this resource when working with youth with disabilities.

Primary Member-Adult Volunteer Guide
Why are primary 4-H members so important to the 4-H Youth Development Program, and what special activities should be provided for them? The Adult Volunteer Guide answers these questions and more; it provides information on the 4-H Primary Member Program and how it should be used to encourage a child's educational development.

4-H Shooting Sports - Program Procedures (2014)
Shooting sports, from archery to hunting, are a fun and educational way to engage youth. The policies and procedures to lead a safe shooting sport project are found in this manual. Find complete list of forms on the Shooting Sports page.

4-H Child Safety Brochure (2004)
The child safety information for 4-H volunteers brochures outlines safe practices and indicators of child abuse. For more information on 4-H child safety, please visit Chapter 11: Health and Safety.

4-H Safety Manual
Many 4-H programs, projects, and events incorporate activities that inherently have various risks for injuries or disease exposures to both 4-H volunteers and members. Information given in this manual has been developed for use by 4-H volunteers and members and is intended to provide initial guidance for implementing practices and procedures to reduce the risk of sustaining injuries or illnesses while participating in 4-H sponsored programs, projects, and events.

4-H Record Book Manual
The 4-H Record Book has many specific requirements and detailed forms. The manual contains descriptions of the parts of the Record Book as well as the different forms necessary. Using the manual to assist you in filling out your Record Book will make the process easier, faster and more enjoyable! See the 4-H Record Book page for forms and links to the Online Record Book. 

Public speaking is a cornerstone of the 4-H Youth Development Program; this manual gives all the necessary information to present effectively and within the 4-H guidelines.

4-H Interview Contest Manual (2009)
Interviewing is an essential skill people will use throughout their lives. This manual provides information to both participate in and coordinate an interview contest.

4-H Officer's Manual (2013)
Each office has specific tasks and obligations, and the 4-H Officer's Manual is a tool for navigating the terminology and requirements of holding a 4-H office. See also 4-H Club Program Planning Guide .

Treasurer's Manual (2014)
Keeping the club/unit finances in order is an important job that falls to the office of the Treasurer. Everything the Treasurer needs to know is in this resource. Find an individual list of the Treasurer's Manual forms on the Youth Officers page.

4-H Choose Health Officers Guide
The Healthy Living officer will serve as the club’s ambassador for health! This guide provides information on how to incorporate physical activities and healthy eating into each club meeting.

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