University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program

Webinar Series


The California 4-H Camping Advisory Committee, comprised of a representative group of 4-H members, adult volunteers, and county and state 4-H Youth Development Program staff, is developing a series of webinars to assist in the planning and delivery of a safe and supportive camping environment.

Camp administrators, staff, advisors, and both adults and youth in leadership roles in a camp setting will benefit from this vital and helpful information. Let's make your summer camp the best it's ever been!

Webinar #1: Managing Camping Behavior: Set for Success and Dealing with Difficulties (Recording, 1:05:54)

This webinar helps camp administrators teach staff to set positive "group rules" and outlines what to do if behavior problems occur. Topics covered: Building a Positive Environment at Camp, Importance of Chaperone/Teen Training, and When Things Go Wrong, What to Do Next. 


Webinar #2: Content for Youth Staff Training (Recorded Dec. 2015, 52:32)

This webinar, originally presented in December 2015, is specifically geared towards adult Camp Directors and 4-H Staff. It provides tips and reminders about important subjects to cover while planning for camp and training youth staff. Topics covered: Creating a Welcoming Environment, Structuring Camp, Social/Emotional Well-Being, and more!

 Webinar # 3: Program Design & Development  (Recorded November 2016, 58:55)

This webinar discusses camp organizational design, selecting activities for camp, developmental needs, and scheduling models. The webinar was hosted by Connie Coutellier, Independent Camp Consultant; Olivia Brock, Youth Camp Staff; and John Borba, 4-H Youth Development Advisor.

 Webinar # 4: A Place for Everyone (Recorded March 2017, 58:19)

This webinar was recorded March 2017 as part of an educational resource for 4-H camp programs. It was formulated and presented by members of the California 4-H Camp Advisory Committee.The webinar’s focus is on inclusion, accommodations, reviewing application and registration materials and communication with families. 

Webinar #5: Help with Homesickness (Recorded April 2019, 37:03)

Missing home is natural for all of us. It can also be a natural part of personal development and growing coping skills. This webinar discusses what homesickness is, how to prepare campers and parents to help children have a successful camp experience, and tools and strategies to help staff and directors manage homesick behavior at camp.

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