California 4-H Youth Development Program
California 4-H Youth Development Program
California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
California 4-H Youth Development Program


From short-term events to years of club involvement, 4-H offers a wide variety of ways to participate. Through experiential learning and youth-adult partnerships, all programs allow youth to develop the essential skills, spark interest, and build leadership skills they will need to thrive and succeed throughout their lives. Youth can join through 4-H clubs, camps, events, conferences, afterschool programs, school enrichment programs, collegiate 4-H groups and our military partnership program. 

4-H clubs provide the primary outreach program of 4-H. Youth enroll in a local club and attend more directed project meetings.

4-H camps provide members quality, educational, and fun camping experiences while promoting youth/adult partnerships.

4-H events allow 4-H members to showcase their project work and earn recognition in a formal manner.

4-H conferences engage 4-H members in learning opportunities and workshops, increasing their confidence and competence.

4-H afterschool programs encourage students of all ages to develop life skills through hands-on learning projects that take place during after school hours.

School enrichment programs allow youth to receive 4-H YDP curricula or other educational materials in a group or classroom during school hours.

Collegiate 4-H allows older 4-H members to continue their involvement by providing service and support to local and state 4-H programs.

The 4-H Military Partnership brings 4-H activities to military bases and to children of military families.

The 4-H name and emblem service marks are protected under 18 U.S.C. 707.
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