4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
4-H Youth Development Program

California 4-H Management Board

What is the Management Board up to? 

Our two big projects right now are running the California 4-H Youth Summits and supporting the area presentation day and field day events

Have an idea or concern? Share it with us anonymously or email Curtis.

Meet the board



Ryan Cleland, Executive Team


Carolyn Abrams, Executive Team


Curtis Ullerich, Executive Team


Ed Ho, Treasurer


John Trammell, Youth Summit Director


Vera Bullard, Area Presentation Day Director



The California 4-H Management Board voted to change its organizational and committee structure in July 2019. You can read about that here, where you'll also find links to the revised constitution and bylaws. For those interested in helping out (like joining the Management Board or a committee), please email Curtis (cullerich@ucanr.edu) with a little about your experience and how you'd like to get involved. Our current active projects are the California 4-H Youth Summits and area presentation days; and our strategic projects are fundraising, marketing, and volunteer management (recruiting and empowerment).


All business meetings are open to the public. You can attend in person or call in (see call details in the agenda). If you attend in person, please note that lunch is not provided.

previous meetings

September 21st (agenda, recording)
July 18, 2019 (agenda, recording)
June 8, 2019 (agenda w/ minutes, recording)
March 9, 2019 (agenda w/ minutes, recording)
December 1, 2018 (agenda w/ minutes, recording)
August 18, 2018 (agenda w/ minutes, recording)
May 5, 2018 (agenda w/ minutes, recording)
March 10, 2018 (agenda w/ minutes, recording)
December 2, 2017 (agenda, draft minutesrecording)
August 6, 2017 (agenda, minutesrecording)
June 10, 2017 (agenda, draft minutes, recording)
April 30, 2017 (agenda, minutes, recording)
February 18, 2017 (agendaminute highlights, recording--missing first 15 minutes)
December 9, 2016 (agendaminutes, no recording)
August 14, 2016 (agendaminutes, recording



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