University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
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University of California 4-H Youth Development Program

Water For Better Living!

Take a positive approach – add water!

Water is the best option for rehydration when participating in physical activities, and ensures more stamina to complete events. Water contains no sugar, which helps ensure stable energy levels and reduces fatigue. Water is also caffeine-free, so hyper-activity, loss of concentration, and possible behavioral problems are avoided. Oftentimes water is even free! Choosing water when thirsty is a natural, healthy instinct, and should be encouraged.

In 2014, California introduced an amendment to the 4-H Policy Handbook requiring that: (1) drinkable water, without anything added, must be available at all 4-H meetings, activities and events and (2) 4-H fundraisers that include the sale of beverages must include water as an option. To promote this policy change and encourage the consumption of water educational materials and resources are available here.

To learn more about the new guidelines for beverages in the 4-H Policy Handbook, 4-H Policy Handbook click here:  CA Healthy Beverage Guidelines

Water Activity

The purpose of this activity is to engage participants in a discussion about why they drink water and why water is important to their health.

  1. To start, place the poster on board or wall that is visible to everyone.
  2. Explain that the activity is to think about the importance of being properly hydrated and the importance of water in their daily life.
  3. Ask the participants to finish the sentence “I drink water because….” 
  4. Pass around the water drop post-its and pens so each individual can write their own response and place it on the poster.
  5.  Encourage participants to take a picture of their post-it response and #4HWaterwed to any social media site.

I am a fish

I drink water because...

Water Poster

Success Stories!

 4-Hers promote drinking water in their communities. Read more here.




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