University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program

4-H California State Ambassador History

4-H State Ambassador Logo
The State Ambassador program originated as the Diamond Star Award for the top performing 4-H'ers. In 2001, the name of the program was changed to 4-H State Ambassadors.


It began as the 4-H All Star Program

A group of older 4-H members were serving as ushers at a Farm Bureau Convention in Pasadena in 1936 and began discussing the 4-H program. They felt that there should be some form of recognition for personal achievements, so they developed the All Star rank, which would be the most outstanding boy and girl in each county. They also developed a scorecard for the selection. When they went back to their counties, they presented their proposal to leaders and advisors, who realized a need for such a recognition in order to retain older member involvement. When it was finally presented to the state staff, the idea had been studied, revised, and ultimately combined with ideas from every segment of the 4-H organization (members, leaders, county and state staff). The purpose was to focus attention on personal achievements in project activities and leadership fields.

The 4-H All Star program was presented at the Annual Extension Conference in January 1937. The proposal was met with some reservations, but a four day conference was scheduled in Berkeley in October. Each county was to select the best 4-H boy and girl using the scorecard developed in Pasadena. The conference was a marked departure from previous policy, as group recognition was the standard criteria for participation. County advisors and 4-H club leaders were so reluctant to select individual All Stars that the conference was canceled.

It wasn't until 1940 that the first All Star conference was held, reflecting the acceptance of the revolutionary idea first proposed in 1937. Four "State 4-H All Stars" were selected at the 1940 All Star Conference and each was presented with a Diamond Star Pin. Every year since 1940, several individual 4-H members have been chosen as Diamond Stars.

2001: 4-H State Ambassadors

In 2001, the Diamond Star changed names to become the 4-H State Ambassadors in order to better reflect the duties and honor of this achievement. To this day, the 4-H State Ambassadors represent the pinnacle of 4-H achievement- leadership, personal responsibility, civic participation, and diversity.



Album of Diamond Stars and State Ambassadors

Scroll to see our photos of past Diamond Stars and State Ambassadors. If you have a group photo to add to this page, please send a copy to Our goal is to complete the album with photos of each year.


Headshots of 2020-2021 State Ambassadors


Noah Bostrom, Glenn County
McKenna Davidson, Placer County
Francie Ferguson, Shasta County
Anissa Foster, Los Angeles County
Caroline Hampton, Sonoma County
Alex Hascall, Alameda County
Lauren Reyes, Orange County
Johnathan Salters, San Joaquin County
Ace Yeck, Los Angeles County
Evelyn Young, Contra Costa County


Cole Breck
Lyle Glass
Bobbi Jean Berken


Maura Sparrevohn
Addy Rubin


19-20 State Ambassador team



Kari McMann, Alameda County
Philip Minnick, Imperial County
Ashley Jordan, Santa Clara County
Emily Hegland, Sacramento County
Maya Prunty, Solano County
Juanita Ortiz, Imperial County
Whitney Barnett, Sacramento County
Dustin Geringer, Santa Clara County


Cole Breck
Lyle Glass
Bobbi Jean Berken


Maura Sparrevohn
Addy Rubin


2018-2019 State Ambassadors



2018-2019 Advisors with UCANR sign



2018-2019 State Ambassadors

Amanda Cantwell, Imperial County
Kiran Ekanayake, Los Angeles County 
Rene Quiggle, Sacramento County
Bailey Robinson-Burmester, Yolo County
Emil Schafner, Imperial County
Clarissa Shane, San Joaquin County
Maura Sparrevohn, Sacramento County

State Ambassador II
Anna Lucostic, San Joaquin County
TJ Suit Santa Clara County






Adult Advisors:

Cole Breck, Butte County
Lyle Glass, Solano County
Grace Tobias, San Benito County

State 4-H Coordinator
Jenna Colburn




2017-18 State Ambassadors


2017-2018 State Ambassadors

Rose Fiorenza, Imperial County
Anna Lucostic, San Joaquin County
Addyson Rubin, Imperial County
Bailey Walvoord, Alameda County
Jada Ho, Santa Clara County
TJ Suit, Santa Clara County

State Ambassador II
Kyle Geringer, Santa Clara County

Adult Advisors
Grace Tobias
Ryan Cleland

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Jenna Colburn


2016-17 State Ambassadors

Adult Advisors
Grace Tobias
Ryan Cleland

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Jenna Colburn

2016-2017 State Ambassadors

Alberto Lizarraga, San Bernardino County
Aubrey-Rose Stacy, Contra Costa County
Bret Wilkins, Monterey County
Devany Kelley, San Bernardino County
Gabriella Germann, Stanislaus County
Jordan Miner, Contra Costa County
Kalee Cummings, San Diego County
Kyle Geringer, Santa Clara County
Olivia Snodgrass, San Luis Obispo County
Riley Arbuckle, Contra Costa County
Sarah Gatie, Yolo County

State Ambassador II
Jackie Penner, Santa Clara County
Trent Baldwin, Monterey County


2015-2016 SA group

Adult Advisors
Grace Tobias
Ryan Cleland

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Jenna Colburn

2015-2016 State Ambassadors

Ashley Olson, Kings County
Brennen Reyna. Merced County
Bryanne Sanchez, Imperial County
Jackie Penner, Santa Clara County
Katie Taylor, Fresno County
Laurel Nelson, San Mateo County
Steven Johnson, Imperial County
Trent Baldwin, Monterey County

State Ambassador II

Lyle Glass, Solano County
Maryn Spangler, Tehema County



2014-2015 State Ambassadors

Adult Advisors
Carolyn Abrams, Sacramento County
Niki Chunti, Yolo County
Laurie Bertken, San Joaquin County
Jen Henkens, Sacramento County

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Jenna Colburn

2014-2015 State Ambassadors

Andrew Wood, Placer County
Ashley Lauinger, San Luis Obispo County
Bryce Corron, Butte County
Christine Fry, Madera County
Colton Searcy, Tulare County
Justina Sharp, Sacramento County
Linnae Rodriguez, San Benito County
Lyle Glass, Solano County
Madison Gibson, Contra Costa County
Sallie DeYoung, Los Angeles County

Key Leaders
Ashley Abrahamson, Yolo County
Bobbi Jean Bertken, San Joaquin County
Cole Breck, Santa Barbara County
Maryn Spangler, Tehama County



2013-14 State Ambassadors

Adult Advisors
Laurie Bertken- San Joaquin County
Niki Chunti – Yolo County
Jen Henkens – Sacramento County

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Jenna Colburn


2013-2014 State Ambassadors

Tristan Chester, Fresno County
Bobbi Bertken, San Joaquin County
Ashley Abrahamson, Fresno County
Sigrid Derickson, San Luis Obispo County
Cole Breck, Santa Barbara County
Juliana Lydon, Santa Clara County
Jeannette Downer-Lanatti, Sonoma County
Genevieve Mason, San Diego County
Rachel Ricchiuto, Sacramento County
Maryn Spangler, Tehama County


2012-2013 SA Team

Adult Advisors
Art Smoke, Fresno County
Louise Draxler, Kings County
Jack Crane, Santa Barbara County

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Jenna Colburn


2012-2013 State Ambassadors

Colleen Bohannan, Solano County
Dominique Germann, Stanislaus County
Benjamin Hampton, Sonoma County
Katie Lee, Yolo County
Rebecca Schwartz, Napa County
Dakota Siebert, Tuolumne County
Annie Tobias, San Benito County
Samantha Wadstein, Fresno County
Michelle Wong, Sacramento County


2011-2012 State Ambassadors

Adult Advisors
Art Smoke, Fresno County
Mary Meyer, San Mateo County
Laurinda Corron, Butte County
Mandi Bottoms, State 4-H Office 
Jack Crane, San Luis Obispo County

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Quang "Hogan" Tong
Steven Worker
Carolyn Abrams


2011-2012 State Ambassadors

Jessica Choi, Alameda County
Caitlin Audycki, Sacramento County
Peter Warrick, San Mateo/San Francisco County
Kate Lyn Sutherland,San Mateo/San Francisco County
Spencer Downey, Merced County
Peri Wong ,San Mateo/San Francisco County
Justin Bopp, Stanislaus County
Rebecca Kirby, Santa Clara County
Kelsey Arbuckle, Contra Costa County
Kayla Withrow, Sacramento County
Sarah Lloyd, San Mateo/San Francisco County
Cayci Allison, Kings County
Tanner Newton, Santa Cruz County
Candace Corrales, Los Angeles County
Amanda Ho, Los Angeles County
Kaytlin McIntosh, Nevada County


State Ambassador 2010-2011 Team

Adult Advisors
Art Smoke, Fresno County
Carolyn Abrams, Sacramento County
Mary Meyer, San Mateo County
Ka Xi Ong, Merced County 

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Quang "Hogan" Tong

2010-2011 4-H State Ambassadors
Carson Wignall, Solano County
Grace Tobias, San Benito County
Bryce Hayes, Lake County
Kayla Louis, San Mateo County
Amelia Clyatt, Siskiyou County
Karolina Draxler, Kings County
Wendy Clark, Santa Clara County
Camber Corron, Butte County
Devon West, Fresno County
Nicole Marshall, Butte County
Lacey Benefiel, Fresno County
Kyle Kern, Kern County
Jamie Smith, Tuolumne County
Hannah DeYoung, Los Angeles County




Adult Advisors
Jacki Zediker, Siskiyou County
Michelle Costamagna, Los Angeles County
Murlin Lee, Santa Clara County

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Quang "Hogan" Tong

2009-2010 4-H State Ambassadors
Austyn Smith, Merced County
Rachel Coe, Santa Clara County
Cherry Chico, Shasta County
Shelby Wagner, Sacramento County
Melissa Withrow, Sacramento County
Cynthia Hinde, Sonoma County
Rhiannon Stark-Willingham, San Diego County
Holly Rogers, San Diego County
Stephanie Ya-Wen Kwan, Los Angeles County
Jessica Ya-Yun Kwan, Los Angeles County
Ryan Cleland, Butte County
Kylie Deal, Butte County
Victoria Hamilton, Sonoma County
William Simmons, Solano County
Jazmine Jackson, Madera County
Emily Hamilton, Tuolumne County
Grant Oliveira, Kings County
Darren Coates, San Benito County
Ashley Coates, San Benito County
Katy Byers, Madera County




Adult Advisors
Michelle Costamagna, Los Angeles County
Carrie Hermle, Yolo County
Art Smoke, Fresno County

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Steven Worker

2008-2009 4-H State Ambassadors
Felicia Byrne, Los Angeles County
Wade Colburn, San Diego County
Lezlie Elmer, Mendocino County
Sarah Hazeltine, Yolo County
Andrew Kalinowski, Contra Costa County
Gina Lee, Santa Clara County
Brittany Newton, Santa Cruz County
Chelsea Pugh, Yolo County
Alyssa Taylor, Riverside County
Mark Tobias, San Benito County



Adult Advisors
Janice Bilsley, Orange County
Murlin Lee, Santa Clara County
Art Smoke, Fresno County

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Steven Worker

2007-2008 4-H State Ambassadors
Carolyn Abrams, Sacramento County
Ashlyn Aiu, Solano County
Amy M. Bohannan, Solano County
Amanda Chiatovich, San Bernardino County
Jennifer M. Coe, Santa Clara County
Jennifer Lyons, Mariposa County
Kelsie Matthews, San Diego County
Stephanie McNabb, Sacramento County
Paige Nordberg, San Joaquin County
Elizabeth Parker, San Diego County
Kelsie Pombo, San Joaquin County




Adult Advisors:
Jacki Zediker, Siskiyou
John Roncoroni, Yolo
Janice Bilsley, Orange
Art Smoke, Fresno

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Steven Worker

2006-2007 4-H State Ambassadors

Amanda Kay Clark, San Luis Obispo
Kaitlin Conklin, Siskiyou
Alexandrea Culp, Orange
Emily Lane, Trinity
Kristen Lee, Santa Clara
Morgan Lynch, Sonoma
Alexandra Parra, San Diego
Alison Reagor, San Joaquin
Jen Roncoroni, Yolo
Maria Saucedo, San Luis Obispo
HillaryVanDuyn, Fresno




Adult Advisors:
Jim Frapwell, Calaveras
Nancy Mahon, Ventura
Art Smoke, Fresno
NancyWashman, Placer

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Steven Worker

2005-2006 4-H State Ambassadors

Ashley Driver, Colusa
Ashlynne Donahue, Stanislaus
Beverly Elithorp, San Joaquin
Halley Fobes, Sacramento
Kyle Oliveira, Kings
Chrissy Renwick, Nevada
John Trammell, San Bernardino
Jennifer Washman, Placer



Adult Advisors
North/North Central Advisor: Jim Frapwell, Calaveras
South Central Advisor: Art Smoke, Fresno County
South Advisor: Janice Bilsley, Orange County

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Steven Worker

2004-2005 4-H State Ambassadors

Cecily Davis, Butte County
Esther Ramey, Nevada County
Katrina Castaneda, Solano County
Jennifer Hamm, San Joaquin County
Nicholas Pulley, Sonoma County
Cori Byrum, Solano County
Margo Lang, Santa Clara County
Michael Tobias, San Benito County
Raffi Kechejian, Fresno County
Noel Noroian, Monterey County
Nicole Bilsley, Orange County
Kristen Hall, Los Angeles County
Ashley Colburn, San Diego County
Carrie Crane, San Bernardino County




Adult Advisors
North Advisor: Richard Baughman, Lassen
North Central Advisor: Jim Frapwell, Calaveras
South Central Advisor: Sharon Ball, Kern
South Advisor: Denise Emerson, San Luis Obispo

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Steven Worker

2003-2004 4-H State Ambassadors
Shauna Elder, Sutter
Rachel Imbach, Modoc
Julisia Banach, Santa Clara
Lora Carey, Santa Clara
Whitney Diehl, San Joaquin
Mica Gaard, Yolo
Lisa McAllister, Sonoma
Katherine McNabb, Sacramento
Danielle Stokes, San Joaquin
Rachel Teagle, Santa Clara
Katie Ball, Kern
Melissa Ford, Fresno
Jennifer Tobias, San Benito
Janelle Williams, Kern
Kimberlee Youman, Madera
Monica Bulong, Imperial
Brandon Emerson, San Luis Obispo
Kirby Garcia, Riverside
Kiera-Marie Hornby, Orange
Nakia Wheeler, San Luis Obispo




Adult Advisors
North Advisor: Peggy Nicholson, Siskiyou
North Central Advisor: Jim Frapwell, Calaveras
South Central Advisor: Pauline Smoke, Fresno
South Advisor: Rebecca Montiel, Imperial

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Steven Worker


2002-2003 4-H State Ambassadors
Angelina Denning, Placer
Marcie Nicholson, Siskiyou
Megan Williams, Siskiyou
Michelle Costamagna, San Joaquin
Jordan Lang, Santa Clara
Chris Savage, Santa Clara
Mallorie Tison, San Joaquin
Mason Hill, Merced
Alyson Padgett, Madera
Kelly Bishop, Imperial
Levi Gassaway, San Diego
Patricia Montiel, Imperial
Carl Robbins, Los Angeles



Adult Advisors
North/North Central Advisor: Jim Frapwell, Calaveras
South Central Advisor: Penny Hoffman, Merced
South Advisor: Dee Anne Cook Keese, Los Angeles

State 4-H Staff Coordinator
Steven Worker

2001-2002 4-H State Ambassadors

Katie Reid, Plumas
Daniel Bates, San Joaquin
Cameron Ross, San Joaquin
Tiffany Amador, Stanislaus
Anne Marie Diener, Fresno
Amanda Gipe, Merced
Jennifer McClean, Fresno
Ariel Smoke, Fresno
Nicholas van Groningen, Fresno
Roberta Xiong, Merced
Lianne Garcia, Riverside
Emily Morris, Ventura
Cindy Sperry, Ventura
Margaret Von Dollen, Santa Barbara


Diamond Stars (1957-2001)



Coordinator: Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty
North Advisor: Anna Marie Harnden, Lassen
North Central Advisor: Vicky Bosworth, Santa Clara
South Central Advisor: Penny Hoffman, Merced
South Advisor: Paulette F. Sauln, San Diego>

2000-2001 California Diamond Stars

Shannon Davis, Tehama
Clint Neely, Lassen
Anna Lisa Marie Clarke, Santa Clara
Angela Grisham, Napa
Paige Jarrett, El Dorado
Angela Johnson, El Dorado
Laura Kong, Sacramento
Colleen O'Rourke, Alameda
Renee Wolfe, Contra Costa
Stella Cousins, Stanislaus
Bill Doty, San Benito
Kari Graham, Stanislaus
Jennifer Larrick, Stanislaus
Colleen McClean, Fresno
Cassandra Minnick, Kern
Nick Noroian, Monterey
Jennifer L. Tereba, Stanislaus
Matt Van der Staay, Tulare
Karen Hart, San Diego
Crystal Miller, San Diego
Justine Minot, Orange
Megan Pontius, Orange




Coordinator: Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty
North Advisors: Bill and Joanne Payer, Glenn
North Central Advisor: Tom Fraser, Alameda
South Central Advisor: Laura Van der Staay, Tulare
South Central Advisor: Penny Hoffman, Merced
South Advisor: Rosanne Fleming, Imperial

1999-2000 California Diamond Stars

Sally Traylor, South Advisor, Imperial
Cassandra Barajas, Glenn
Michelle Harvey, Placer
Liza Langley, Placer
Andrew Bosworth, Santa Clara
Chip Drumbor, Contra Costa
Victoria (Tori) Johnson
Brianne Ratto, San Joaquin
Natasha Ross, San Joaquin
Kristy Siefkin, Sacramento
Sara Bartholomew, Merced
Ciera Christopher, Tulare
Justin Diener, Fresno
Katherine Hoffman, Merced
Lydia Aney, San Diego
Cristen Ferguson, Ventura
Lauren Fleming Imperial
Rebecca Grier, Imperial
Michael Johnson, Riverside
Megan Klein, Orange




Coordinator: Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty
North Advisor: Barbara Nordin-Elmer, Mendocino
North Central Advisor: Kevin Wentzel, Santa Clara
North Central Advisor: Tom Fraser, Alameda
South Central Advisor: Laura Van der Staay, Tulare
South Central Advisor: Sharon Smales, Tuolomne
South Advisor: Elaine B. Alston, Orange
South Advisor: Charles Crabtree, Orange

1998-1999 California Diamond Stars

Melinda Crabtree, Lake
Ashlee Elkins, Sutter
Jon Emis, Sonoma
Judy Etcheverria, Sonoma
Carol Green, San Joaquin
Jonathan Bixler, Tulare
Megan McClean, Fresno
Shavonne O'Malley, Tuolomne
Rachel Richmond, San Benito
Denis Van der Staay, Tulare
Jenny Duthie, Orange
Adeline Fernandes, San Diego
Kasey Harper, San Diego
Amber Roach, San Bernardino
Kimberley Walker, San Diego
Amy Williams, San Diego
Steven Worker, Santa Barbara
Tracy Yoder, Los Angeles




Coordinator: Glen Gilmore
North Advisor: Beverly Mann, Nevada
North Advisor: Lynne Graydon, Nevada
North Central Advisor: Jerry Hoffman, San Mateo
South Central Advisor: Alvin M. Veira Sr., Tulare
South Advisor: Elaine B. Alston, Orange
South Advisor: Charles Crabtree, Orange

1997-1999 California Diamond Stars

Sarah Graydon, Nevada
Allison Mann, Placer
Jaime Martin, Tehama
Aindrea Sparks, Nevada
Dawn Castner, Alameda
Analiesa Gosnell, Contra Costa
Erinne Mailman, Contra Costa
Meagan D. Pulley, Sonoma
Scott Roberts, Contra Costa
Timothy Taylor, San Mateo
Sarah Edgeworth, Kern
Brian Woo, Fresno
Nicole Noroian, Monterey
Sierra Rodriquez, Tuolomne
Erin Thompson, Kern
Alvin M. Veirra Jr., Tulare
Karen Byrne, Santa Clara
Evan B. Courter, San Luis Obispo
Sara Dickman, San Diego
Michelle Fleming, Imperial
Gina Guarienti, Orange
Patrick Keller, Los Angeles
Cindy Rogers, Orange




North Advisor: Kathy Radoff, Placer
North Central Advisor: Eteca Zuiches, Yolo
South Central Advisor: Betty Banderbo, Stanislaus
South Advisor: Marjorie J. Monte, Imperial

1996-1998 California Diamond Stars

Jessica Bansen, Humboldt
Jason Burns, Placer
Katie Clipper, Shasta
Sarah Ann Nester, Placer
Tom Stefani, Placer
Peter Larimer, San Joaquin
Kelly Siefkin, Sacramento
Serenity Forbes, Sacramento
Kamina K. Rosentiel, Contra Costa
Judith Sheridan, Sonoma
Crystal Groesbeck, Sonoma
Kathryn L. House, Sonoma
Rebecca Wentzel, Santa Clara
Jennifer L. Rose, San Joaquin
Allena Baker, Tulare
Mark R. Sandner, Tuolomne
Evan Moffit, Tulare
Tom Williams, Mariposa
Nathan Smith, Kern
Elizabeth Hagen, Fresno
Kristy Jacobs, San Diego
Julie Sims, San Luis Obispo
Leslie Godfrey, Ventura
Gjertrud Aney, San Diego
Kendall Pelling, Los Angeles
Catherine Elliot, San Luis Obispo


1995-1996 California Diamond Stars

Lori Barhydt, Nevada
Jaclyn Gardner, Placer or Nevada
Kimberlee Gross, Placer
Kevin Keane, Placer
Amber Shields, Placer
Rita Bosworth, Santa Clara
Darlene Drege, San Joaquin
Jill Haggerty, Santa Clara
Erica Madsen, Marin
Kelly McCaughey, Contra Costa
Beckey Sanders, Sonoma
Lisa Barnicoat, San Joaquin
Mary Cousins, Stanislaus
Wendy Miller, Fresno
Brandi Tavares, Fresno
Catherine Hahs, San Bernardino
David Jordan, Orange
Carrie Katin, San Diego
Billy McKim, San Diego
Kathie Williams, San Diego
Lisa Zievers, San Bernardino

North Advisor: Gloria Lamm, Placer
North Advisor: Jan Shields, Placer
North Central Advisor: Ron Roe, Yolo
South Central Advisor: Jill Suddath, Fresno
South Advisor: Mickey Monte, Imperial

1994-1995 California Diamond Stars

Colleen Bangle, Yolo
Corinne Bosworth, Santa Clara
Craig Drake, San Joaquin
Heather Hennes, Sonoma
Rachel Hoffman, San Mateo
Peter McEntee, Marin
Lyle Coburn, Lake
Amy Lamm, Placer
Molly Meade, Butte
Jacob Robertson, Placer
Luke Silkwood, Lassen
Karen Woolery, Shasta
Shannon Spears, Placer
Brian Frazier, Orange
Luke Hamby, Imperial
Heather Lee, Orange
Sara Mamer, Imperial
Arte Marquez, San Bernardino
Jennifer Schmitz, San Luis Obispo
Amelia Stephens, San Luis Obispo
Leandra Rounsfull, Tulare
Catherine Higgins, Monterey

North Advisor: Laurel Marsters, Lassen
North Central Advisor: Caryl Hodges, Marin
South Central Advisor: Sandra Rousfull, Tulare
South Advisor: Marjorie Monte, Imperial

1993-1994 California Diamond Stars

Christine Balesteri, Monterey
Sean Berube, Fresno
Tanya Bickel, Sacramento
Jeff Chambers, Madera
Lee Ann Cundiff, Calveras
Celeste Drake, San Joaquin
Nikki Dunlap, Butte
Deborah Foos, Humboldt
Britt Hansen, Orange
Joshua Hansen, San Joaquin
Cordie Hartman, Tulare
Anne Hendrix, Placer
Karen Hins, Kern
Ashley McLaughlin, Sacramento
Ana Poe, Sonoma
Tamara Roe, Yolo
Penelope Salivar, Nevada
Valerie Sawyer, Lassen
Christopher Simpson, Sutter
Karin Sorem, San Diego
Eric Sowersby, Santa Cruz

North Advisor: Christine Williams, Colusa
North Advisor: Dolores Hemphill, Lassen
North Central Advisor: Beverly Fertig, San Joaquin
North Central Advisor: Mary Engebreth, Sonoma
South Central Advisor: Pauline Galleano, Madera
South Central Advisor: Gerry Wakida, Fresno
South Advisor: Mickey Monte, Imperial
South Advisor: Rosemarie Mortta, Riverside

1992-1993 California Diamond Stars

Duane Banderob, Sacramento
Aaron Berube, Fresno
Terrence Bjordahl, Los Angles
Nicole Coleman, Orange
Scott Gisselman, Santa Clara
Hedy Henderson, Orange
Wesley Hodges, San Joaquin
Melanie Kwast, Kings
Jennifer Lothridge, Riverside
Jennifer Manes, Sacramento
Christine Moore, San Mateo
Becky Murillo, Butte
Jennifer Nelson, Stanislaus
Amy Nester, Placer
Kaliopi Pappas, San Joaquin
Ellen Sandor, Los Angles
Jennifer Shain, Shasta
Michelle Ton, Sacramento

North Advisor: Sandra Atteberry, Butte
North Advisor: Dolores Hemphill, Lassen
North Central Advisor: Carol Mayr, Napa
North Central Advisor: Mary Engebreth, Sonoma
South Central Advisor: Candy Brown, Stanislaus
South Central Advisor: Gerry Wakida, Fresno
South Advisor: Rosemarie Mortta, Riverside



North Advisor: Mae Brown, Sutter
North Advisor: Sandra Atteberry, Butte
North Central Advisor: Carol Mayr, Napa
North Central Advisor: Rosemarie Woods, San Joaquin
South Central Advisor: Gerry Wakida, Fresno
South Central Advisor: Joanne Yllarregui, Madera
South Advisor: Fern Vacca, Ventura
South Advisor: Rosemarie Mortta, Riverside

1991-1992 California Diamond Star Winners

Rebecca Blankenburg, Sacramento
Lori Marie Gould, San Clara
Heidi Sue Rapp, Sacramento
Jennifer Thatcher, Los Angeles
Marc Thomas, Sacramento
Krista Fatzer, San Joaquin
Amy Hodges, Marin
Kimberly Tablet, San Joaquin
Steven, Wormley, Amador
Dara Fisk, Tulare
Michael Kloster, Fresno
Douglas Wakida, Fresno
Rebecca Blake, San Diego
Charles Knust, San Diego
Rebekah Clark, San Bernardino
Paul Villegas, Los Angles
Joel Patton, Trinity
Karen Lynn Bucknell, Lake
Jorja Dryer, Shasta
Deandrea Gordon, Shasta County
Jeff Henderson, Glenn ----- not in photograph. Unsure if he was a Diamond Star in 1992.




State Staff: Grace Meeker
Director: Luella Zamzow
Advisor: Mae E. Brown

1990-1991 California Diamond Stars

Peter Cousins, Stanislaus
Martha Fertig, San Joaquin
Cindy Jones, Alameda
Piper Leigh Laird, Napa
Shanda Ostle, Alameda
Tisha Marie Reische, Imperial
Roslyn Caldwell, Los Angles
Gina Vosti, Monterey




State Staff: Marc Braverman
Director: Luella Zamzow
Advisor: Joyce Reed

1989-1990 California Diamond Stars

Debbie Babbit, Glenn
Heidi Burden, Tulare
Kristin Jacobs, Los Angles
Jeni Lewis, Marin
Rachel Pfanner, Yolo
Jon Wuebben, San Diego




Director: Luella Zamzow
State Staff: Gabriel Terroniz, Advisor
Coordinator: Ruth Sutherland
Advisor: Joanne Yllarregui, Madera

1988-1989 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Krista Bjordahl, Los Angeles
Steve Dow, Lassen
Angela Brady, Marin
Jeffrey Fowle, Siskiyou
Amy Lee, San Joaquin
Guy Norman, Los Angeles




Coordinator: Ruth Sutherland
Advisor: Barbara Vineyard

1987-1988 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Monique Defebaugh, Monterey
Janice Eckles, Los Angles
Ralph Ermoian, Fresno
Mark Kemmerer, Sonoma
Sabrina Ostle, Alameda
Jeanne Schallberger, San Joaquin




Coordinator: Ruth Sutherland
Advisor: Ginny Houtz
4-H Staff: Zeke Singleton

1986-1987 California Diamond Star Winners

National 4-H Conference delegates:

Chantel De Ruiter, Kings
Bill Payer Jr., Glenn
Janell Schrock, Ventura
Sherri Smith, Imperial
Matthew Vaccaro, Tulare
Heidi Vane, Alameda




Advisor: Fern Vacca

1985-1986 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Paul Weubbe, Sacramento
Jennifer Stallings, Ventura
Heidi Reimche, Fresno
Andrew Lueder, Butte 
Mark Curran, Orange
David McMullen, Placer


Diamond Star team 1984-85

1984-1985 California Diamond Stars

Sharon Brady, Sacramento
Stuart Burbank, Sonoma
Ron Hamilton, Tuolomne
Debbie King, Sonoma
Margo Taylor, San Diego
Paul Egli, Lake

Attended National 4-H Conference
Advisor: Birgit Hempel



Advisor: Ruth Sutherland

1983-1984 California Diamond Stars

A total of 14 youth were named Diamond Stars but when they arrived at the Conference at UC Davis they were told there were not enough funds to send them all to the 4-H National Conference. Only the pictured 6 youth were named Diamond Stars to go to the National Conference.

In later years the remaining 8 were designated Diamond Stars for this year.

If you are one of the 8 Diamond Stars not listed, please contact us to have your name added to this list.

Randa Cowart, Fresno
Shannon Hanson, Merced
Toby Lau, San Diego
Cynthia Poloni, Imperial
Carl Silva, Santa Rosa
Lynnette Ward, Sacramento
Leigh Morrison Stafford


1982-1983 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Cathy Capriola, Colusa
Cathy Crossett, Alameda
Dennis De Young, Los Angles
Gregg Peterson, Sacramento
Jacquelyn Ross, Lake
Dana Sheesley, Fresno
Virlea Schulze & Luella Zamzow
Kelly Crabtree, Lake  ["most famous for putting on her 4-H suit for Conference using Stitch Witchery and an iron. It lasted for her stage time only."]
Andrea Green, Placer
Antoinette Marsh, Colusa
Dana Sheesley, Fresno
Mitch Ylarregue, Madera
Mark Anderson, San Diego
Carrie Elks, Los Angles
Carrie Hambek, Ventura
Deborah Owen, Imperial
Jon Tribbett, San Luis Obispo
Susanne Esposito, Alameda
Susan Pucket, Contra Costa

The following attended the 4-H National Conference at the request of the California Leaders' Council:

Mark Anderson, San Diego
Dee Ann Goshgarian, Fresno
Andy Green, Placer

Advisor: Zelda Hughes

1981-1982 California Diamond Stars

Ron Brandt – Butte County
Patty Burchell – Stanislaus County
Nancy Luanne Darby – Contra Costa County
Lynnda D. Donat – Sacramento County
James Duffin – Santa Clara County
Elizabeth M. Engelbert – Santa Barbara County
William Lee Exeter – Los Angeles County
Mary Fitzsimmons – Fresno County
Shelley Freetly – Marin County
Erin Green – Placer County
DeAnn Lyn Hales – Los Angeles County
George E. Hamilton – Toulumne County
Donelle Lubbers – Sonoma County
Sally Sue Mayes – Santa Clara County
Penny Anne Norman – Los Angeles County
Scott Parker – San Diego County
Judith Ann Tucker – Madera County
Sarah K. Volkman – Alameda County


1980-1981 California Diamond Stars

Margaret AmRhein, Santa Cruz
Rebecca, L. Bowen, Contra Costa
Laura Bullard, Placer
Danny Egan, Lassen
Laura Fern Finco, Alameda
Melanie Kay Forrester, Sonoma
Jacqueline Marie Grainger, San Bernardino
Glenda A. Haux, Fresno
Dennis M. Holmdahl, Santa Barbara
Fidela A. Irogoyen, Imperial
John Andrew (Drew) Johnson, Tehama
Thomas S. Lakritz, Kings
Brenda S. Moore, Kern
Michelle, Matuszewski, Los Angeles
John P. Rosasco, Placer
Laurie Sapp, Kern
Jane Sweeney, Sonoma
Phillip Kerry Wilhite, Los Angeles


1979-1980 California Diamond Stars

Christina Marie Garrod, Santa Clara
Julie Hansen, Santa Clara
Kathleen Phero, San Mateo
Jan Alison Snow, Monterey
Peter S. Hamilton, Solano
Henry A. Kusch, El Dorado
Tami Brown, Imperial
Kristie J. Crosby, Orange
Barbara Jean Gourley, San Diego
Janette Marie Hambek, Ventura
Robert A. Hixon, San Diego
Michele Bertapelle, Glenn
Nance A. Morris, Yuba
Maryaam Goshgarian, Fresno
H. Gordon Ellery, Stanislaus
Allan Chrisman (Chris) Fetters, San Joaquin
Gina M. Burke, Sonoma
Marjorie L. Neasham, Lake

1979 California Diamond Stars

Darci L. Wright, Shasta County
Julia A. O'Hara, Sutter County
Geneva J. Anderson, Sonoma County
Lori Morgan, Sonoma County
Janet Hernderson, Yolo County
Judy Vineyard, Placer County
Kim Shaw, Sacramento County
Alex A. Larson, Santa Clara County
David Peck, Santa Clara County
Carol A. Wingereid, Santa Barbara County
Gigi Marie Draxler, Kings County
Yvette Lucchetti, San Joaquin County
Mark M. Monte, Imperial County
Sheri L. Snively, San Diego County
Kevin L. Stout, San Bernardino County
Sheryl Switzer, San Bernardino County
Lynn Vacca, Ventura County
Lisa N. Waters, San Diego County

1978 California Diamond Stars

Richard Bauer, Santa Barbara
Steve Farinha, Placer
Harvey C. Freetly, Marin
Tony Ghisla, Sonoma
Mike Grainger, San Bernardino
Charles A. Larson Jr., Santa Clara
Brian A. Meyer, Contra Costa
Ken Stout Jr., San Bernardino
Rick Walker, Santa Clara
Susan Bailey, Orange
Melissa A. Dias, Humboldt
Patricia E. Fetters, San Joaquin
Julie Gilroy, Santa Clara
Kay Goshgarian, Fresno
Karen Goverman, Sonoma
Lisa Ann Johnson, El Dorado
Peri Dionne Norman, Los Angles
Anita Ann Zick, San Diego

1977 California Diamond Stars

Mark Dias, Humboldt
Glenn L. Dragomanovich, Calaveras
Orlando Hernandez, Riverside
Robert Kinzel, Fresno
John Kisst, San Joaquin
Stuart Meyer, Contra Costa
Barton Queen, San Luis Obispo
Christopher Sawyer, San Joaquin
Margot Foucht, Tulare
Linda Garrett, Yolo
Susan Gourley, San Diego
Leanna Kielen, San Diego
Patricia J. La Venture, Orange
Ann Miller, Santa Clara
Laurie Strong, San Diego
Betty Vineyard, Placer
Verlene K. Young, Contra Costa
Deanne Farinha, Placer

1976 California Diamond Stars

17 Diamond Stars selected- first 5 attended National Conference

  1. Mark Johnson, El Dorado
  2. Michael S. Klein, Sonoma
  3. Cyndi Dillon, Humboldt
  4. Barbara L. Johnson, Fresno
  5. Theresa C. Nierodzinski, San Diego

Douglas Brown, Imperial
Robert Goulart, Tulare
Steven Manweiler, Orange
Tim Swickard, Lassen
Louis Zurlo, Santa Clara
Karen Cozelman, Yolo
Amy L. Duerr, Santo Clara
Elizabeth LeFore, Los Angles
Virginia Mahacek, Sonoma
Patricia Porfiri, Santa Barbara

1975 California Diamond Stars

16 Diamond Stars Selected- first 5 attended National Conference:

  1. Daniel S. Gore, Kings
  2. John M. Silva, Sonoma
  3. Manjit K. Samra, Imperial
  4. Mary Betty Waggy, Solano
  5. Janet Zwanziger, Siskiyou

Thomas L. Beazley, Sacramento
Brian Danker, Orange
William C. Raynor, San Mateo
Kerry Pudge, Sacramento
Carol Cunningham, Alameda
Marian Johnson, El Dorado
Debra L. McGinty, Kings
Beth Skillicorn, Monterey
Marcia Thieleke, San Bernardino
Terry Thralls, Los Angles
Susan Zacharias, Merced

1974 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Vurtis A. Kearney, Riverside
Raymond Nickels, Orange
Wesley Reichle, Imperial
Dottie McArthur, San Bernardino
Kathleen McNamara, Kings
Boni J. Wilson, Riverside


1973 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Bruce Carter, Tulare
Wayne Woods, San Joaquin
Becky Bailey, Orange
Kathleen Roulea, Santa Clara

Urban delegates to National 4-H Conference
Elneda Barkus, Tulare
Marisela Toscano, San Diego

1972 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Jim Campbell, Contra Costa
Kyle Smith, Orange
Carol Abacherli, San Bernardino
Nancy Hull, Yolo

1971 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Edward (Ted) Anderson, Solano
Jon Fuller, Los Angles
Nancy Donovan, Santa Barbara
Gail E. Frampton

1970 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Gregory Stone, Kern
Timothy L. Niswander, Kings
Richard R. Stark, Tulare
Debra Sue Dillon, Humboldt
Jeannette Abacherli, San Bernardino

1969 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Pat Galbreath, Fresno
Tom Shirley, Kings
Kathy Conners, Sacramento
Nancy Dickerson, Imperial

1968 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Dennis Davis, San Joaquin
Donald Seppa, Sonoma
Cathy Abell, Fresno
Pam Gill, Solano
Diane Markell, Sacramento

1967 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
I. Scott Campbell, Los Angeles
Bruce R. Clark, San Diego
Arthur S. Tenbrink, Alameda
Kathleen J.Toft, San Luis Opispo
Maribeth (Van Horn) Heasley, Kern

1966 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Michael Kuhl, Amador
Richard Nelson, Sutter
Dean Seppa, Sonoma
Brenda Chin, Monterey
Jeannie McLelland, Los Angeles

1965 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Dan Kurtak, Inyo
Dennis Safarjian, Kings
Jill Johnson, Fresno
Eileen Wilcox, Shasta

1964 California Diamond Stars

Robert Hartman, Lassen
John N. Smith Jr., Tulare
Gary Purdy, alternate attended Natl. 4-H Conference in place of Smith, San Bernardino
M. Grace Jordison, Imperial
Patsy Safarjian, Kings

1963 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
John Clemenger, San Bernardino
Richard Cotta, Monterey
Barbara Keligian, Fresno
Linda Wilcox, Shasta

1962 California Diamond Star Winners

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Stephen W. Luelf, San Diego
Robert Sanders, Riverside
Cynthia Keefe, Alameda
Sallie Lynn, Monterey

1961 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Keith Axtell, Kern
Arthur Lantz, Santa Clara
Dawn Loewen, Kings
Jennie Wolter, Monterey

1960 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Malcolm Niles, Humboldt
Charles Youngclaus, Marin
Marjorie Hawes, Shasta
Felicia Schaps, Nevada

1959 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Vincent Carter, Fresno
Jim Mcnern, Marin
Janice Corda, Monterey
Marilyn Vieira, San Joaquin (Stanley)

1958 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
Mike Butchke, Ventura
Bradford Ellsworth, Nevada
Judy Russell, Madera
Janelee Volkmann, Kings

1957 California Diamond Stars

National 4-H Conference delegates:
David E. Hansen, Yolo
Glenn W. Krueg, San Joaquin
Joan R. Clark, Yolo
Joanne Jensen, Fresno


Diamond Stars (1940-1956)

The National 4-H Camp was held from 1927 to 1956. It was a gathering in Washington, D.C. of the top 4-H youth in each state. The Diamond Stars represented California at the National 4-H Camp.

Starting in 1957, this national gathering was renamed the National 4-H Conference, which is still held yearly in April. []

1956 California Diamond Stars

Hugh R. Mc Bride, Contra Costa
Dean Ward Wheeler, Lassen
Sandra Balanesi, Santa Clara
Elaine E. Kirchner, San Luis Obispo

1955 California Diamond Stars

Robert C. Fowlks, San Bernardino 
Charles Kenley Mays, Tulare 
Nancy F. Day, Shasta
Annie M. Gutierrez, Imperial

1954 California Diamond Stars

Lowell Thomas Butler, Butte 
John S. Gilruth, Sutter 
Merna Jean Borror, Tehama 
Wilma Reil, Butte

1953 California Diamond Stars

Leo Polopolus,San Bernardino
George D. Rendell, Riverside 
Maxine Sherman, Santa Cruz
R. Fay Virden, Riverside

1952 California Diamond Stars

Gordon C. Chan, Los Angeles 
John Dennis, Tulare
Pat A. Garrett, Stanislaus 
Virginia E. Andreas, Tulare

1950 California Diamond Stars

John Andreas, Tulare
Don Toenjos, Shasta
Claire Young, Humboldt
Nancy Bascom, Orange
Donald Brittsan, San Joaquin 
William Borror, Tehama
Kathryn Ann Olson, Contra Costa 
Margaret Wilson, Tulare

1949 California Diamond Stars

Jim Fraley, Lassen
Dick Mc Dougal, Solano
Betty Jo Elliot, Butte
Nancy Hicks, Tulare

1948 California Diamond Stars

Stuart Rowe, Solano
Dale Gill, Tulare
Lyn McDonald, Los Angeles 
Muriel Jensen, Shasta

1947 California Diamond Stars

James, Mullar, Tulare
Ben Waller, San Joaquin 
Marilyn Starr, Contra Costa 
Joan Webb, Los Angeles

1944-1945 California Diamond Stars

1944-45 Diamond Stars

William R. Niedrich Jr, Los Angeles
Laura Hill, Los Angeles
Burrows Hamilton, Solano
Clare Mumm, Yolo

1944 California Diamond Stars

Erwin Woods, San Joaquin
Louis Miller, Tulare
Mary Adele Sanborn, Los Angeles 
Helen Barnes, Tulare

1943 California Diamond Stars

Tim Righetti, San Luis Obispo 
Alfred Strohmaier, Tulare 
Lois Martin, Imperial
Mary K. McGrow, Yolo

1942 California Diamond Stars

Lavern Ford, San Joaquin 
Kenneth Hausler, Yolo 
Henrietta Griset, Orange 
Dorothy Perry, Riverside

1941 California Diamond Stars

Douglas Quinn, Kings 
Walter Martin, Los Angeles 
Hazel Barnes, Tulare
Elsie Sanders, Yolo

Diamond Star Logo

1940 California Diamond Stars
Bob Bianchi,Monterey
Walter Hughes, Santa Barbara 
Belle Gaumer, Butte
Bertha Carlson, Riverside
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