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Tools of the Trade II

Tools of the Trade II: Inspiring Young Minds to be Science, Engineering, and Technology Ready for Life!

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Tools of the Trade II is a staff-development guide that uses a “train-the-trainer” approach to deliver a comprehensive 21½ -hour training for afterschool program frontline staff and youth workers on incorporating science, engineering, and technology (SET) into afterschool programming. Using a handson, interactive skill-building approach, it provides tools drawn from research and best practices to help afterschool staff enhance communication, management, and educational delivery of afterschool programs. Each session provides complete instructions, readily available supplies and session evaluations.


Session 1: Inspiring Young Minds...The Scientist in All of Us - 1.5 hours
Session 2: Explore It! (Science) Design It! (Engineering) Use It! (Technology) - 2 hours
Session 3: SET Abilities for the 21st Century - 1.5 hours
Session 4: Hands On! Minds On!...Inquiry and Experiential Learning - 1.5 hours
Session 5: How Kids Learn Science and What It Means to Afterschool - 1.5 hours
Session 6: Kid Fit Science...Ages and Stages and SET - 1.5 hours
Session 7: Creating SET-Rich Environments - 1.5 hours
Session 8: Under the Microscope...How to Identify and Adapt SET Curriculum for Afterschool - 1.5 hours
Session 9: SET Everyday...Using Centers in Afterschool - 1.5 Hours
Session 10: Science and Literacy...Using Fiction and Non-Fiction Science Text in Afterschool - 1.5 Hours
Session 11: Teens as Teachers Program...What’s the SET Connection? - 1.5 hours
Session 12: Building the Bridge...Using Collaboration and Partnerships to Strengthen Your SET Programming - 1 hour
Session 13: Family Science...It’s Not How I Learned Science! - 1.5 hours
Session 14: Ready SET Go! Resources for Afterschool SET - 2 hours

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