4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
4-H Youth Development Program

Science, Engineering, Technology

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4-H, the nation’s largest nonformal youth education program, made a commitment to help address youth science literacy needs.

4-H Science

4-H Science programs combine the strengths of experiential, hands-on education and inquiry-based science learning with a positive youth development framework that holistically addresses the developmental and educational needs of young people.

By offering engaging science programming in out-of-school time settings, youth are provided with a variety of free choice and hands-on learning opportunities that promote excitement in learning about natural phenomena. The National 4-H Science Mission Mandate emphasizes the need to prepare youth with 21st century skills for the workforce in the areas of science, engineering, and technology.

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California 4-H Science, Engineering, and Technology

The California 4-H Youth Development Program launched a statewide 4-H SET Initiative in 2008 with the goal to develop new and strengthen existing programmatic opportunities for California 4-H.

There are 4-H projects in these types of areas:

  • Animal Science
  • Biological Science including embryology, entomology, marine biology, and veterinary science
  • Nutrition, Consumer, and Family Science including textiles, fiber science, and food science
  • Physical Science including energy management, sustainability, and geology
  • Plant Science and Gardening including agriculture and gardening
  • Environmental Education including astronomy, climatology, forestry, outdoor adventure, and water education
  • Engineering and Technology including website design, computers, gis/gps, and video production, aerospace, electricity, electronics, robotics, engines, and woodworking
  • Shooting Sports

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National Youth Science Day

The focus of 4-H NYSD activities is a single science experiment designed to engage young people across the nation. By encouraging youth, adult mentors, partners and influencers to participate in 4-H NYSD, we can help all to experience science in a fun, constructive manner, increase interest in the sciences and encourage participation in support of 4-H programs.


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