4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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4-H Youth Development Program

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The University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) administers the 4-H Youth Development Program. The UC ANR Vice President is responsible for all UC ANR programs including the UC 4-H Youth Development Program.

State 4-H Office
County 4-H Offices
California 4-H Foundation Website

Statewide Leadership

Click here to view the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, Organization Chart - Youth, Families & Communities Statewide Program.

The State 4-H Office provides statewide leadership and direction to the 4-H Youth Development Program, programmatically and administratively coordinates state level 4-H Youth Development Program activities and programs, and identifies and secures funding for statewide and/or multi-county events and activities. The Statewide 4-H Youth Development Program Director provides statewide programmatic leadership and administrative and operational support for California’s 4-H Youth Development Program; fosters team building with teams of academic peers, youth professionals, volunteers, youth and other cooperators; and serves as liaison between the 4-H Youth Development Program and various internal and external stakeholder groups.

The California 4-H Foundation functions as an official support group to UC ANR to raise funds on behalf of statewide priorities of the 4-H Youth Development Program. The California 4-H Foundation Director reports to the Development Services Director and the AVP Administrative Services.

County Administration

UC Cooperative Extension offices

The County Director is responsible for the program staff and the administration and management of county extension programs, including the county 4-H Youth Development Program. County Directors are responsible for ensuring that the county 4-H Youth Development Program conforms to: university policy; federal, state, and local laws; safety and health regulations; affirmative action guidelines; and the mission, core values and educational objectives of the 4-H Youth Development Program.

4-H Youth Development Advisors develop applied research and education programs in response to the needs of California’s youth, families and the communities.

4-H Program Representatives plan, implement, and deliver educational programs for the 4-H Youth Development Program at the county level.

County 4-H Volunteer Councils

Every 4-H county council or other volunteer management organization must receive authorization through the 4-H charter process to use the 4-H name and emblem and conduct countywide 4-H events and activities for educational purposes. Each 4-H county council and unit is chartered by UC. Conferral of the 4-H charter recognizes the group as a legal body within UC, which authorizes the group to use the 4-H name and emblem, and provides the group with tax exempt status.

Adult Volunteers

Volunteers, parents and other adults are a valued and essential part of the California 4-H Youth Development Program, and have a profound impact on the life trajectory of 4-H members. Serving as an adult volunteer is a privilege and at the invitation of the University of California. Volunteer participation is supervised by the county 4-H staff and the county director. It is the responsibility of the 4-H YDP to identify, screen, select, train and support 4-H adult volunteers so they can successfully carry out their duties.

Youth Members

To participate in 4-H activities youth must complete the required enrollment forms, pay state 4-H program fees, and have the individual enrollment recorded by the county office. Some counties may have additional fees. Participation in clubs and specific projects may require additional participation fees.

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