University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program

Workshops Offered at SLC



Workshop Descriptions for SLC 2017


ABC's of Bullying Prevention

Dorina Espinoza and JoLynn Miller

This workshop will help youth and adults understand what is bullying and distinguish bullying from harassment. Participants will strategize how to create safe spaces and develop their skills to be a supportive ally. We will use the analogy that communities can be represented visually as trail maps, and we must find our place on the map and give space for others to find their place.


Build a Better Bouquet

Emily Piland and Jane Piland

The hands-on workshop, Build a Better Bouquet, explores the 4-H Thrive Wheel and describes the process of thriving in 4-H and in life through the medium of floral design. Each participant will interact with a PowerPoint presentation, be provided with the instructions and tools needed to create a beautiful floral arrangement, and lastly discuss and fill out a questionnaire to further their passions through 4-H.


Citizen Science

Vera M. Allen Bullard

In this workshop, attendees will learn what Citizen Science entails and experience three different types of Citizen Science projects.


Civic Leadership Academy

Rose Fiorenza,Gabriella Germann and Prianka Deshmukh

Get ready to take your youth voice to the next level through Civic Leadership Academy! Learn about this new opportunity and discover how you can make an impact on important issues in your community. Join us to identify causes that are important to you and start to take action!


Design Hackathon

Ashlyn Aiu

Learn how to approach everyday problems using Design Thinking. Participants will learn how to use Moments of Engagement charting and wireframing to come up with solutions for their Hackathon project. No design skills are required; just a love for learning, problem solving, and creativity.


Digital Health

State Ambassadors: Aubrey Stacy, Gabriella Germann and Devany Kelley

Digital communication is a key component in today's society, from personal to professional connections. However, sometimes talking through digital means can be difficult. Here, you'll learn about how you can communicate well using technology, from connecting with friends on social media to e-mailing your boss!


Make Debrief a Habit to Drive a Successful Career Plan

Lynnette Ward and Glenn Ward

Debrief means careful review upon completion.  In today's world of constant change, you will need to take ownership of your own career plan and use debrief to plan your next action steps. Participants will learn best practices to explore careers and target a specific role to stay on track with career goals and drive a successful career plan.


Mindfulness: Your Past, Present, and Future

Anne Iaccopucci and Kendra Lewis

In this session we will explores ways to apply mindfulness in our daily lives. Activities will guide participants through gaining an understanding of how our past, present, and future can contribute to our sense of self. Objectives: 1. Increase understanding of sense of self. 2. Practice being present. 3. Practice mindfulness in goal management.


Money Talks: Living On My Own Skills Lab

Derrick Robinson

This workshop is designed to provide youth with life skills necessary to increase economic self sufficiency.  Using real world experiences, and market based learning labs, our program gives youth experience dealing with everyday household decision-making and strategies to optimize those decisions to increase household economic wellbeing.  These skills will help youth who want adult-based life skills.  Issues covered include: how to decrease housing and food insecurity, how to build confidence and awareness on dealing with household economic issues, and how to address these issues in their communities.


All-Star: Own It Leadership!

Brandon White

Participants will learn how to take ownership of their identity, interests, and impairments. The workshop starts with personality assessment to discover your leadership style, and then the ideas are applied in a group swing dance lesson where participants accomplish goals as a team and overcome challenges. Own it!


Raising the Bar

Heather Sutherland, Rosanne Balla, and Jenny Nelson

Learn how to make hand crafted soap and how to raise the bar on community service. This is an informational and hands on workshop that will introduce you to how hand crafted soap making is making a difference around the world and how you can take this new knowledge home to make a difference in your community.


Scribbler Robotics

Dennis Derickson, Sara Derickson, and Dagmar Derickson

We will first learn how to make the robots move.  We will then navigate a maze. Finally we will have a coordinated motion dance event.


Setting Goals for Success

State Ambassadors: Olivia Snodgrass and Devany Kelley

We all know that setting goals is an important step to achievement, but how do we incorporate goal-setting into our everyday lives? Using the GPS curriculum, this workshop will explore the stages of goal-setting, how to create a step-by-step plan of action, and how to adapt to unexpected circumstances. This workshop provides strategies for creating goals and reaching them, both inside and outside of the 4-H program.


The Fast and the Film

Duncan Cline

This workshop we will be teaching and making the basic's of a short film. Learn, film and edit your masterpiece in this workshop at a chance of being shown off on the red carpet.


The Journey from Decision to Team

Corrine Hawes

Often times people consider two types of position on a team - a leader or a follower. There is also a lot of pressure to be the leader. But how are people defining “the leader”? This session will allow participants to engage in an interactive group activity to focus in on group development and challenges. Teamwork and interpersonal skills are important to any individual to understand themselves and others. This session will increase self-awareness as well as learn about others who participate by exploring group roles more in depth.


Time Management

State Ambassadors: Sarah Gatie, Albert Lizarraga, and Jordan Miner

Learn how to manage your time! Work with State Ambassadors to prioritize what is most important to you.


To do or not to do, that is the question.... But how do I decide?

Kathryn Nance

Not every decision is easy.  Decisions are seldom right vs wrong and the paths are not always clear.  We will discuss tools for using what you already value to guide your decisions in real life. Identify what is important to you, and incorporate those values into your life on a daily basis.  Lets turn your own personal values into your motivation.


Up Up and Away in Youth Adult Partnerships

State Ambassadors: Jackie Penner and Trent Baldwin

Frustrated with grumpy adults in your club? This is the workshop for you! Come learn how to be a Youth Adult Partnership hero and make your voice heard!


Watts The Big Deal About Renewable Energy?

Kevin Wentzel and the Texas 4-H Technology Team

Electricity just comes from a little socket in the wall, right? Watts the big deal? Not really; there are many sources of the electricity that comes out of that socket. Join the Texas 4-H Technology team in exploring how wind, water and the sun can help deliver energy to your home. This will be a hands-on workshop exploring how these clean, renewable resources can be used to produce electricity.



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