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4-H Youth Development Program
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Workshops Offered at SLC 2016

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Workshop Descriptions from SLC 2016


Social Media: To Listen or Not to listen

2015-2016 California 4-H State Ambassadors

In this workshop you will learn how to make informed decisions in today's technology filled world. Additionally, you will learn what a biased and unbiased news source is and determine the reliability of various online sources.


How to Thrive in Youth - Adult Partnerships

2015-2016 California 4-H State Ambassadors

Sometimes it is hard for youth and adults to work together in a meaningful and productive way. The generation gap can introduce different views and perspectives. Using Hart’s Ladder of Participation* this workshop teaches the different levels of youth-adult partnerships and provides strategies for improving youth-adult relationships both within and outside of the 4-H Program.


Finding You Spark in Activism

2015-2016 California 4-H State Ambassadors

This workshop guides you through exploring your activist potential to create change in your community. Through information, examples, and activities you will work with your peers to develop a network and plan for individual and community activist efforts.


Public Speaking: Conquer the Fear of the Unknown

2015-2016 California 4-H State Ambassadors

Public speaking is at the top of the list of what people fear most. Fear no more! This Workshop engages participants in activities to gain confidence in front of an audience   and practice sharing   ideas and opinions. They will learn techniques to master the art of public speaking. With a little practice and preparation anyone can be an avid public speaker.


Keep Calm and Don't Stress 

2015-2016 California 4-H State Ambassadors

Do you feel anxious about your, friendships, grades, family issues, homework, lack of sleep, your future, or your love life? Being young does not prevent you from experiencing stress. In this workshop you will learn the spot the signs of stress, how it affects your body, and some easy ways to avoid and manage stress in your busy life


All Star Session

Patrick Cook-Deegan

All Stars can attend this special workshop just for them! This workshop features snacks, speaker Patrick Cook-Deegan and a Q&A panel with the 2015-2016 California 4-H State Ambassadors.



Melissa Powelson (Our conference keynote speaker!)

Liveawear is a topic that will unite, inspire and empower people affected by life. Liveawear will give everyone the tools that they need to be more aware of situations that can often keep us from moving forward. Awareness is key, but Liveawear gives us a chance to wear it and not always have to say it. Its an opportunity to clear our thinking, have greater loyalty, use our hands for a larger service and create healthier people everywhere.


Tips and Tricks of Google Maps

Technology Leadership Team

This workshop will give you tips and tricks on how to use Google Earth and Google Maps. You will learn how to view countries and their historical landmarks, utilize google maps as a community service project, show aspects of how Google Maps and Google Earth are used in the workforce, and how to manipulate Google Maps to create your own map.


Youth Voice in Government

Anne Hartline, Kathy Johanson, and Beth Bray

Do you see things in need of change in your community or world? In this workshop you will learn what young people are doing to impact their communities. You will get to discuss problems that you see in the world and discuss who the decision makers are. You will work in small groups with a graphic organizer to draft an action plan for positive change.


The Cost of College: Financing Your Education

Brenda Vales

In this workshop you will examine options for financing your education and learn ways to manage your money wisely during your college years. Additionally, you will research and reflect on some of the factors that go into selecting a college; including areas of interest, tuition and starting salaries for potential careers.


3D Design Intro

Technology Leadership Team

This workshop will show you how and why you should use 3D design. You will get to use legos within a group to build anything you want given a set of circumstances.


STEM for Everyone

Technology Leadership Team

What is STEM? How can I integrate STEM into my club’s projects? This workshop will give you the knowledge to fulfill the STEM initiative in your local program. You will learn how you can implement STEM into non-STEM projects by working in groups.


Arduino Microcontroller Projects

Technology Leadership Team

This workshop will allow you to make an interactive project using the Arduino and a PC. You will work with electronic bread boards to control lights and make the LEDs and make them blink in interesting patterns. You will get to learn about computer, electronics and programming.


Scribbler Robotics

Technology Leadership Team

This workshop introduces you to the scribbler robot. You will learn how to write letters with a pen and the robot and how to follow a line. Finally there will be a coordinated scribbler dance party.


Yoga and Brain Matter: How to do it and why it matters.

Dorina M Espinoza and Claudia P. Diaz Carrasco

In this workshop you will learn and practice common yoga poses for the body and the brain.

You will also learn how practicing yoga changes the brain. All participants will have the opportunity to practice the yoga poses with instructors available for guidance and feedback.


Code Green!

Technology Leadership Team

In this workshop you will learn the art of app design as well as practical application to our modern world.This workshop will be using MIT app inventor to code our apps as well as android smartphones to test them in live coding. You will experience the advanced usage of apps and share some of your own ideas for an app design. If you have an android smartphone please bring it!


Build a Better Bouquet- Living on Purpose

Emily Piland and Jane Piland

This workshop provides tools for you to promote positive youth development in yourself, in others in your clubs, and in your broader lives. Using flower preparation and arranging you will learn how to analyze, personalize and integrate the 4-H thrive model.


Stand Out in the Crowd

Gemma Miner

This workshop will focus on how to make your resume stand out in the crowd. You will work on writing a resume that showcases your leadership and citizenship skills. Delegates will walk away from this workshop with a strong personal development statement.


The 4-H 'Youth Experiences in Science' Program

Halia Collins and Terry Collins III

Did you hate science in elementary school? Better yet, was science even taught at all? Maybe you enjoy science, and wish there was a way to bring that to the next generation? In this workshop, we will be demonstrating a YES (Youth Experiences in Science) lesson that you would deliver to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. We will also be exploring ways that you could bring YES to your community and instill a love of science in the younger generation


Hunger 101

Heidi McHugh

In this workshop you will experience a day in the life of an individual or family experiencing poverty and food insecurity. Participants will immerse themselves in the life story of one household and will attempt to feed all the family members for one day with the limited resources available to them. Additionally, you will explore possible solutions to the issues of poverty and hunger.


Creating Your Mobile Movie Masterpiece

Texas 4-H Technology Team

In this workshop you will learn how to produce a real movie on your smartphone. You will also get to learn movie production fundamentals, editing apps, and other useful movie making accessories. Then in small groups you will create a short film using the techniques you've learned.


Can You Use a Banana To Control Your Computer?

Texas 4-H Technology Team

This workshop will help you get started on communicating with a computer via different devices including bananas. You will be introduced to the “Makey Makey” a device that allows you to turn almost anything into a keyboard. We’ll also introduce the Scratch graphical programming tool that you can use to build apps controlled by your Makey Makey (or that boring old keyboard). In this workshop you will learn about all the possibilities of the use of a computer.


Sources of Strength

Kris Huschle and Sarah Nelson

Sources of Strength works to harnesses the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture, ultimately preventing suicide, bullying, and substance abuse. In this workshop you will recognize your own strengths, how you can tap into your strengths, and how you can help others connect to strengths and link up trusted adults.


To Make the Best Better: 4-H and Quidditch

Patrick Germann and Austin Larsson

In this workshop you will learn how to communicate effectively in the midst of tense situations, how to use teamwork to accomplish a common goal, and how to build effective team strategies through playing Quidditch. Additionally, you will learn how to work with others, cooperate with each other, and adjust their approach to problems based on experience


Fight Like A Girl

Paula Arrowsmith-Jones

This is an empowerment-based self-defense program for girls/women who would like to explore and practice verbal and physical skills of self-protection. Through this workshop you will be able to find your voice, assert your boundaries and discover your strengths.


Let's Talk Conflict

Peter Warrick

In this workshop you will learn how to create an inclusive, safe environment. You will learn how to formulate an opinion based on facts and learn methods of articulating that opinion and thinking critically. At the end of this workshop you will have learned safe and effective ways to develop, articulate, and re-evaluate opinions


Careers with CDFW

Phillip K Bairrington

In this workshop you will learn about careers with CDFW (California Department of Fish and Wildlife), primarily focusing on fisheries. You will learn about examination of fish ecology, external anatomy, scales for aging, and water quality conservation. Finally, you will get to dissect a fish.


Journey Through the Juvenile Justice System

Sacha Marini and Kelsey Reedy

This workshop highlights the potential biases and disparities of the juvenile justice system and how youth can be treated vastly different based on race/class/gender differences. You will learn about stereotypes, bias, and institutional oppression by walking through parts of the system.


Leaders Set Goals

Thomas Stratton

In this workshop you will use the GPS goal setting technique and SMART goal setting outline to explain personal goal setting. You will understand the foundations of personal leadership through goal setting that will also help influence others.


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