University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program

4-H Healthy Living Workshops and Presentations

2014 4-H State Leadership Conference, UCSC

Leadership Hunt

2014 4-H Camping Conference

Do you want your campers to have fun? to reduce their homesickness? to have them remember what they are taught? One way to do that is by setting a good sleeping schedule. Click on the links below to learn more.

2014 4-H Camping Conference

Sleep at camp Handout


2012 California 4-H Camping Conference, Boulder Creek

Making Mealtimes Count
Are you making camp mealtimes count? Mealtimes play an important role in developing social skills and healthy habits. In this workshop, participants will discover brand new ways to integrate camp programing into breakfast, lunch and dinner. Participants will also think together to address some of the common challenges in making mealtimes count!

Presentation: Making Mealtimes Count
Handout: Camp Table Topics
Handout: Blank 4-H Taste Test Survey
Handout: Camp Mealtime Scenarios

The Amazing Race
Integrate nutrition and physical activity concepts into your camp programs! In this station-based activity, participants will learn creative ways to get moving while competing in an "amazing race."

The Amazing Race Activity Guide


2011 Healthy Behaviors Conference, San Diego

Blueprints for Positive Youth Development
What are the vision and goals of your program? What do you want youth to learn? What do you have to do to meet standards, grant requirements and academic goals? You need to keep youth safe, help them learn new skills, and have fun! Via hands-on activities, this workshop will provide you with research-based knowledge and tools to implement programs that meet the essential elements for youth while promoting healthy behaviors. Participants will also discover free and low-cost healthy living curricula available through the 4-H Youth Development Program.

Presentation: Blueprints to Positive Youth Development
Handout: Fitness Scavenger Hunt
Handout: Line 'Em Up
Handout: Slow, Go, Whoa!

To order or access the curricula featured in this workshop, visit the 4-H Up for the Challenge Website, the Jump Into Foods and Fitness Website, and the Tools of the Trade Website.


2011 State Leaders Forum, Asilomar

Transforming Your 4-H Experiences to Get Physical
In this fast-paced workshop, participants will discover how to incorporate fun physical activities into a variety of 4-H settings. Facilitators will demonstrate several activities and provide curricula to help you replicate the activities when you return home. Participants will also think together to identify opportunities to promote healthy living at the local level.

Presentation: Transforming Your 4-H Experiences to Get Physical
Handout: Slow, Go, Whoa!
Handout: Activity Snacks

Transforming Your Dinner Plate: Nutrition Updates
Nutrition science is a complex and ever-changing field. What you hear in the news, read in the papers, and discuss with your friends, may be out of date or wrong. This workshop will aim to unravel the complexities of the dietary guidelines and how to apply the science to your own personal life.

Handout: Swap, Substitute, Shrink

Exergames refer to video games that encourage physical activity. The ever-expanding variety of exergames now range from baseball and bowling to mixed martial arts and yoga. Use Exergames to be active while having fun! To learn more, visit

Handout: Exergames

2011 North Central Section Consumer Science Field Day, Stockton

Ignite Your Appetite
In this high-tech workshop, participants will discover cutting edge food and fitness mobile apps that will enhance 4-H food projects and your healthy lifestyle.  A limited quantity of iPads will be available for use, please bring your own apple mobile device if you have one.

Presentation: Ignite Your Appetite
Handout: Healthy Living Mobile Apps

Kick It Up A Notch
In this workshop, participants will learn creative ways to incorporate hands-on nutrition activities in 4-H foods projects.  Whether you're already in a foods project or just looking to learn more about healthy eating and cooking, all participants will learn something new.  Let's turn up the heat to make the best better!

Presentation: Kick It Up A Notch
Handout: Slow, Go, Whoa!
Handout: Line 'Em Up
Handout: Pyramid Picks

2011 California 4-H State Leadership Conference, Davis

Wiped Out! How to Control Stress in the Game of Life
Do you feel like you are constantly in a race to get everything done? Stressed out? Anxious? Wiped out by all the pressures you feel? This session will teach you ancient tricks for controlling your stress and new ways to keep it all under control. Participants will leave feeling calm and collected, and ready to take on their next challenge. Resources adapted from the University of Idaho Balanced Living Curriculum. To order, visit

Presentation: Manage Your Time
Handout: Manage Your Time
Presentation: Manage Your Stress
Handout: Manage Your Stress
Presentation: Rest Your Body
Handout: Rest Your Body

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