4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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4-H Youth Development Program

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The California State 4-H Office provides statewide leadership and direction to the 4-H Youth Development Program in programmatic, research, evaluation and administrative areas.

California State 4-H Office
University of California, Agriculture & Natural Resources
2801 Second Street
Davis, CA 95618-7774
Phone: (530) 750-1334
Fax: (530) 756-1148



Shannon Horrillo
Statewide 4-H Director
The Director provides statewide administrative and programmatic leadership to the 4-H Youth Development Program. Shannon is responsible for creating and implementing strategic ways and programs to support growth and development of the 4-H YDP, volunteers and staff. Dr. Horrillo provides leadership and oversight to the 4-H advisory committees, the three 4-H mission mandates; 4-H Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), 4-H Healthy Living, 4-H Citizenship, and 4-H Military Partnership Programs. She is also responsible for the development, interpretation and implementation of UC policies related to 4-H YDP and oversees the development of new 4-H policies.  

E-mail: sjhorrillo@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1334

Kali Trzesniewski
Associate Director of Research - 4-H Youth Development 
Kali is an associate Cooperative Extension specialist in the Department of Human Ecology, specializes in developmental psychology. She also serves as associate director of research for the Statewide 4-H Youth Development Program. Trzesniewski completed her Ph.D. in psychology at UC Davis. She was a faculty member at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, prior to joining the UC Davis faculty in 2010. Her research interest include families, children and youth, students and education, positive youth development, health and well-being

E-mail: ktrz@ucdavis.edu

Lupita Fabregas
Lupita Fabregas
Assistant Director for Diversity & Expansion
Lupita is the Assistant Director for 4-H Diversity and Expansion. She provides leadership for increasing participation of Latino and other underrepresented populations in 4-H through strengthening current programming as well as developing new innovative programming that reflects the needs, interests and resources of California's diverse youth, families and communities.
Lupita's interest in research and professional development areas are intercultural competency, diversity, multiculturalism and the development and integration of Hispanic communities in the United States.

E-mail: lfabregas@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1273

Trisha Dinh
Youth, Families, & Communities Financial Manager
Trisha joins us from UC Davis' Department of Public Health Sciences and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of contracts and grants, project and program management, and personnel and financial management. She is passionate about the mission of YFC, our programs and the people we serve.

E-mail: tndinh@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1385


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State 4-H Office Program Assistant
Responsible for providing support and customer service to all counties statewide. Job responsibilities also include administrative and program support for the State 4-H Office. 

E-mail: ca4h@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1334



Whitney Bell
4-H Analyst
Whitney was a member of 4-H in high school. Her 4-H experiences have influenced her and continue to inspire Whitney as she provides key support to staff members in every county 4-H office. 

E-mail: webell@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1334

Tamekia Wilkins

Tamekia Wilkins
YFC Data Analyst
Supports evaluation and research of the 4-H Youth Development Program and Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program. The Data Analyst provides program evaluation support including data compilation, analysis, and assistance in reporting findings for YFC statewide programs.

E-mail: twilkins@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1368

Suzanne Morikawa

Suzanne Morikawa
YFC Marketing and Communications Specialist
Suzanne develops and implements marketing and communications plans for the 4-H and EFNEP programs in the Youth, Families and Communities Statewide Program. She supports the social media and web communications, as well as print marketing materials for both programs. Suzanne is the Field Marketing Liaison with the National 4-H Council, to coordinate branding efforts with the national marketing team.

E-mail: morikawa@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1381


Jessica Bautista

Jessica Bautista
Academic Coordinator for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
Jessica leads California's STEM Initiative to develop, strengthen, and evaluate programmatic opportunities for California's young people. Jessica focuses on adapting and designing culturally responsive best and innovative practices, programs, activities and curriculum to reach underrepresented youth of color, particularly Latino youth

E-mail: jbautista@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1341



Anne Iaccopucci
Academic Coordinator for Healthy Living
Anne coordinates healthy living program planning and curriculum development. She also provides academic leadership to citizenship and leadership programming, events and activities. Anne's M.A. in Child Development and experience in health related programming, curricula development and working with youth teams make her a great asset to 4-H and the Healthy Living Leadership Team.

E-mail: amiaccopucci@ucdavis.edu || Phone: 530-750-1339



Gemma Miner
Academic Coordinator for Volunteer Management
Gemma leads efforts to ensure principles and best practices for volunteer management are implemented in the 4-H YDP. She builds the capacity of academics and staff with oversight of the 4-H YDP to engage, educate, and support volunteer efforts and create and manage volunteer-based programs. Gemma has extensive experience in developing youth development trainings for staff, volunteers and youth. She has been in the field for 28 years.

E-mail: gmminer@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1338



Kendra Lewis
Academic Coordinator for Evaluation
Kendra has a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies.  She uses her research in positive youth development, as well as her skills in data management and statistical analyses for evaluation of the statewide 4-H Youth Development Program. 

E-mail: kmlewis@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1337

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DeAnn Tenhunfeld
Community Education Specialist 2 for Animal Science Education 

DeAnn is responsible for animal science education and curriculum development in the State 4-H Program. She is the lead coordinator for State Field Day, State Presentation Day, Equine Field Day, State Horse Classic, and the Livestock Quiz Bowl. She coordinates state 4-H teams that travel to national competitions. She also leads the Animal Science Education Advisory Committee and participates on the State Fair Rules Advisory Committee and Agricultural Advisory Council.

E-mail: dtenhunfeld@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1340



Jeanne Christenson
Military Program Representative
As part of the Operation Military Kids (OMK) program, Jeanne manages and facilitates babysitting trainings for military youth across the state. For Jeanne, being able to help youth members learn a new life skill while having fun at the same time is personally rewarding.

E-mail: jpchristenson@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-723-4801



Jenna Colburn
Program Representative for Civic Engagement & Leadership
Jenna leads and manages statewide youth leadership, civic engagement, and service learning programs for 4-H. She plans, develops, and provides training to 4-H Youth Development staff, volunteers, and youth in each of these areas. In addition to planning and managing various conferences and leadership events, Jenna leads the Civic Engagement/Service-Learning Advisory Committee. Jenna has been involved in 4-H for over 16 years (3rd generation 4-H) and her parents are still members!

E-mail: jcolburn@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1336



Scott Mautte
Program Representative for Volunteer Development
Scott develops and designs volunteer development trainings, curricula, and other educational materials; develops resources to support volunteers; and provides professional development opportunities for staff and academics on adult learning theory and training volunteers. Scott has worked with young people for over 20 years. He is a committed ally and agent of youth development.

E-mail: scmautte@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1335

University of California Specialists


Martin Smith
Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist
Martin is an associate Cooperative Extension specialist with a split appointment in the Department of Human Ecology and in the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, specializes in youth scientific literacy and science education outreach. Martin has been on campus since 1996; he accepted a shared appointment with human ecology in 2012. He has an M.S. in biology and an Ed.D. in teacher leadership. Martin conducts needs assessments for California 4-H in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) project area, including for science curriculum development for youth, effective curriculum implementation and dissemination strategies, and effective professional development methods for science educators.

E-mail: mhsmith@ucdavis.edu

California 4-H Foundation


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California 4-H Foundation
The California 4-H Foundation functions as a collaborating support group to ANR in order to raise funds on behalf of statewide and local priorities of the 4-H Youth Development Program (YDP) needs.


Trish Bloemker Sowers

Trish Bloemker Sowers
Executive Director 
The Executive Director of the California 4-H Foundation provides leadership to priorities within the California 4-H Foundation and also serves as the Associate Director of Development for the statewide 4-H Youth Development Program. 

E-mail: tbsowers@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1202 



Tammie Erhard
Development Operations Manager
Tammie is responsible for supporting the financial and administrative operations of the California 4-H Foundation. This includes processing all gifts made to the California 4-H Foundation, transferring donor designated funds to 4-H programs and managing the donor database.

E-mail: tlerhard@ucanr.edu || Phone: 530-750-1389


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