4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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4-H Youth Development Program

Star Rankings (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)

What are the 4-H star ranks?

County 4-H staff and 4-H clubs are responsible for coordinating star ranking awards. The star award ranking system is a voluntary advancement program utilizing the Personal Development Report form (part of the 4-H record book) as a goal setting tool, aimed at encouraging broad-based participation and achievement in 4-H.  4-H members record their participation in eight categories for the current 4-H program year on the Personal Development Report.  Activities are totaled for all years in 4-H and star awards are given to those 4-H members meeting the requirements.

Junior, intermediate and senior members may all strive for star ranks. Each star level takes an average of two years to complete. Star rank achievers receive a tangible star, which is often attached to the 4-H hat.

bronze star

Bronze Star: Complete at least 5 of the 8 PDR categories.
gold star

Gold Star: Complete at least 7 of the 8 PDR categories.
silver star

Silver Star: Complete at least 6 of the 8 PDR categories.
platinum star

Platinum Star: Complete at least 7 of the 8 PDR categories.

emerald star

Many counties in California have an Emerald Star program, which is sponsored by the county 4-H office and/or the county 4-H leaders' council. The Emerald Star program is designed for intermediate and senior 4-H members.

How can I earn these star ranks?

To qualify for any of the achievement rank awards, 4-H members must attend 80 percent of both the local club and the project meetings held during the year.  To obtain any of the ranks, 4-H members must complete the asterisked (*) categories as a part of his/her total effort.  This excerpt from the Personal Development Report (PDR), part of the 4-H member record book, shows the numbers and categories necessary to earn each star ranking:

Categories of Participation Number of Different Categories Required
5 Required
6 Required
7 Required
7 Required
1. 4-H Projects Completed
This category records projects a 4-H member has completed.
2* 4* 8* 12*
2. 4-H Project Skill Activities
This category records activities where 4-H members either exhibited their 4-H work or demonstrated their knowledge to an audience and/or judge.
4 8 15 20
3. 4-H Events Attended
This category records 4-H events, other than 4-H club and project meetings, that the 4-H member attended during the year.
12 25 40 60
4. Leadership Development
This category records leadership activities undertaken by the 4-H member.
10 20 30* 40*
Junior or Teen Leader (0) (0) (2*) (4*)
5. Citizenship & Community Service
This category records citizenship and community service activities undertaken by the 4-H member.
10 20* 30* 40*
6. Communication Skills
This category records communication activities undertaken by the 4-H member.
12* 24* 36* 48*
4-H Presentations (4*) (7*) (10*) (15*)
7. Honors and Recognition
This category records the significant honors and recognition earned by the 4-H member.
5 10 15 20
8. Lifestyle Activities
This category records lifestyle activities both in and outside of 4-H that the member participated in.
10 20 30 40

Platinum Star
The Platinum Star is the highest achievement a 4-H member can earn in their 4-H Club! These 4-H members must have completed twelve 4-H projects, served as a Junior or Teen Leader four times, and given fifteen presentations, among other requirements. The platinum star was introduced in 2006.

Listed here are the names of 4-H members who have achieved a Platinum Star!

2014 4-H Platinum Star Recipients

County 4-H Member
Colusa County Bailey Morrell
Colusa County Jessica Croxson
Imperial County Broc Dickerson
Imperial County Bryanne Sanchez
Imperial County Nathaniel Arroyave
Monterey County Ahsley Wilson
Monterey County Katie Bellone
Monterey County Kendra Urquides
Monterey County Miranda Urquides
Monterey County Travis Violini
Nevada County Courtney McCullogh
Nevada County Lily Olson
Nevada County Madison Wernke
Nevada County Rebecca Reese
Sonoma County Erica Larson
Sutter/Yuba County Shania Beets

2013 4-H Platinum Star Recipients

County 4-H Member
Colusa County Sarah Marsh
Glenn County Ally Zuppan
Glenn County Shelby Weinrich
Kern County Anna Andrews
Kern County Anyhony Barulich
Kern County Michelle Williams
Kings County Drew Avila
Kings County Jacob Willhite
Kings County Jillian Willhite
Kings County Nathan Bellamy
Kings County Olivia Vanderveen
Kings County reed Thompson
Kings County Trenton Vanderveen
Nevada County Brianna Shanta
Nevada County Emma Durham
Nevada County Madison Wernke
Nevada County Megan Volheim
Nevada County Samuel patton
Nevada County Seth Volheim
Nevada County Shawn Cardwell
Nevada County Tiger Olson
Santa Barbara County Justin Bradley
Stanislaus County Allison Kidd
Stanislaus County Autumn Larsson
Stanislaus County Emily Hill
Stanislaus County Hailee Sciarini
Stanislaus County Haille Margarite
Stanislaus County Jeremy Wong
Stanislaus County Kathryn Merriam
Stanislaus County Lauren Rivera
Stanislaus County Nichelle Borges
Stanislaus County Reva Merriam
Stanislaus County Zach Rose
Tehama County Dartagnan Kingwell
Tehama County Haley Rosser
Tehama County Phoebe Heino
Tehama County Trinity Kingwell

2012-2013 4-H Platinum Star Recipients

County 4-H Member
Amador County Christian Santinelli

2011-2012 4-H Platinum Star Recipients

County 4-H Member
Monterey County Andrew McHaney
Monterey County Gabrielle Jardini
Monterey County Jerica Hurtado
Monterey County Keeley Phillips
Monterey County Lilly Vivian
Monterey County Lizzie Prader
Monterey County Madeline Guidotti
Monterey County Miguel Magallon
Siskiyou County Alexander Meigs

2010-2011 4-H Platinum Star Recipients

County 4-H Member
County Caitlen Amos
Contra Costa County Baxter Eldridge
Contra Costa County Briana Farnden
Contra Costa County Emily Swetnam
Contra Costa County Jennifer Chan
Contra Costa County Lenore Delfino
Contra Costa County Madison Gibson
Contra Costa County Randy Carasis
Kern County Linda Snoddy
Monterey County Gabrielle Jardini
Plumas/Sierra County Angelina Folchi
Tuolumne County Nicolette Nelson
Tuolumne County Stephanie Hankins
Ventura County Glenda Marshall
Ventura County Kimberly Coverly
Ventura County Melissa Marshall

2009-2010 4-H Platinum Star Recipients

County 4-H Member
Contra Costa County Allison Kalinowski
Contra Costa County Amanda Tonkin
Contra Costa County Austin Todd
Contra Costa County Catherine Pooler
Contra Costa County Colden Eldridge
Contra Costa County Erica Doberenz
Contra Costa County Jamie Schiller
Contra Costa County Jennifer Schiller
Contra Costa County Marion Smith
Contra Costa County Samantha Schiller
Contra Costa County Sean O’Brien
Glenn County Jeffery Flanagan
Glenn County Maigen Mattuecci
Monterey County Lindsay Brown
Plumas/Sierra County Alex Folchi
San Benito County Alicia Liddle
San Benito County Bailee Nelson
San Benito County Gabe Hatcher
San Benito County Heather Pereira
San Benito County Katie Nino
Santa Cruz County Aleksey Huff
Santa Cruz County Edee Wildman
Santa Cruz County Joshua Porter
Sutter/Yuba County Dustin Miller
Sutter/Yuba County Dustin Rossiter
Sutter/Yuba County Franklin Tarke
Sutter/Yuba County Jennifer Tarke
Sutter/Yuba County Tabitha Peterson
Sutter/Yuba County Tiffany Putney
Tuolumne County Mark Carlson
Ventura County Bronson Smith
Ventura County George Enos
Ventura County Makayla Cozatt
Ventura County Zachary Gregson

2008-2009 4-H Platinum Star Recipients

County 4-H Member
Contra Costa County Amanda Tonkin
Contra Costa County Austin Todd
Contra Costa County Catherine Pooler
Contra Costa County Colden Eldridge
Contra Costa County Erica Doberenz
Contra Costa County Jamie Schiller
Contra Costa County Jennifer Schiller
Contra Costa County Marion Smith
Contra Costa County Michael Hogan
Contra Costa County Samantha Schiller
Contra Costa County Sean O'Brien
Glenn County Alisyn Silveria
Glenn County Alora Holm
Glenn County Audra Jones
Glenn County Ben Howard
Glenn County Kassidi Buttermore
Glenn County Lane Gruenwald
Glenn County Michelle Inzunza
Glenn County Natalie Massa
Lassen County Hannah Fortin
Lassen County Jake Stafford
Lassen County Kayla Neely
Lassen County Kendra Hemphill
Lassen County Rachel Bertotti
Madera County Alissa Arata
Madera County Amy Evans
Madera County Brittany Cavaletto
Madera County Daphne Norman
Madera County Laura Haen
Madera County Michelle Grable
Madera County Paige Janzen
Madera County Shannon Sumpter
Madera County Sierra Myers
Madera County Skottlynn Snyder
Modoc County Nick Shultz
Modoc County Randi Johnson
Monterey County Debbie Means
Monterey County Gabby Jardini
Monterey County Ivy Lurz
Monterey County Kassie McIntyre
Monterey County Kyle Trotter
Monterey County Lily Elder
Monterey County Nick Jackson
Monterey County Robert Grant
Orange County Alexander Linderman
San Benito County Annie Tobias
San Benito County Chad Stricker
San Benito County Lindsey Shelton
San Benito County Miranda Sanchez
San Benito County Wayne Urbina
Santa Cruz County Emily Turnquist
Santa Cruz County Greta Steinbruner
Santa Cruz County Leslie Crill
Solano County Jaime Picano
Solano County Molly Carlson
Sonoma County Aleshia Sbragia
Sonoma County Brett Morrison
Sonoma County John Fessler
Sonoma County Johnny Calcagno-Williams
Sonoma County Jordan Grove
Sonoma County Kasey Schalich
Sonoma County Kinsman Van Gerpen
Sonoma County Luke Hansen
Sonoma County Megan Nonella
Sonoma County Michaella Patt
Sonoma County Mikayla Pond
Sonoma County Mitch Parsons
Sonoma County Regina Pozzi
Sonoma County Savannah Warne
Sonoma County Simeon Van Gerpen
Sonoma County Vonni Araya
Tehama County Dorinda Walker
Tehama County Elora Brunelle
Tehama County Jessica Foss
Tehama County Mary Beth Nicholson
Trinity County Cheyanne Noland
Trinity County Kenny Johnson
Trinity County Rylee Brown
Trinity County Savannah Brown
Tuolumne County Dakota Siebert
Tuolumne County Jamie Smith
Tuolumne County Kayla Swenson
Ventura County George Enos
Ventura County Katherine Trockey
Ventura County Nicole Peterson

2007-2008 4-H Platinum Star Recipients

County 4-H Member
Alameda County Katie Fraser
Alameda County Mercedes Antonini
Alameda County Nick Winterhalder
Amador County Cameron Holmes
Amador County Courtney Anderson
Amador County Drew Stiltz
Amador County Garett Stiltz
Calaveras County Alexandra Mueller
Colusa County Amy Leach
Colusa County James Swiggum
Colusa County Kendall Vierra
Colusa County Kristine Martin
Colusa County Mack VanFleet
Glenn County Annie Kinkle
Glenn County Briely Fumasi
Glenn County Britany Silva
Glenn County Jose Villa
Glenn County Karlene Shippelhoute
Glenn County Katrina Habroun
Glenn County Kyle Scritchfield
Glenn County Loretta Howard
Glenn County Mackenzie Gomes
Glenn County Michelle Silva
Glenn County Staci Bettencourt
Glenn County Stephanie Evans
Imperial County Christina Dammarell
Imperial County Matthew Jones
Imperial County Tori Baran
Imperial County William Young
Lassen County Breanna Ashby
Lassen County James Melander
Lassen County Kylie Faure
Lassen County Marcus Emmert
Mariposa County Melissa Caputo
Mendocino County Leslie Kline
Modoc County Alex Moreo
Modoc County Rachel Torres
Modoc County RaeLea Vickerman
Modoc County Trev Wright
Monterey County Alaina Conrad
Monterey County Hana Ferguson
Monterey County Jennifer Means
Monterey County Lauren Grant
Monterey County Mattie Eckels
Monterey County Ryan Bricker
Orange County Sarah Canout
San Benito County Ashley Coates
San Benito County Darren Coates
San Benito County Grace Tobias
San Diego County Holly Rogers
San Mateo/San Francisco County Robin Hogan
Solano County Jessica Wignall
Solano County Will Simmons
Sonoma County Ashley Tresch
Sonoma County Ben Hampton
Sonoma County Catie Kunde
Sonoma County Chenoa Van Gerpen
Sonoma County Christine Wilson
Sonoma County Gianna Fistolera
Sonoma County Katie Robbins
Sonoma County Patrick Hinde
Sonoma County Tara Camgros
Sonoma County Wyone Millerick
Sonoma County Zach Henney
Sonoma County Zachary Thode
Stanislaus County Ariel Patton, Wood Colony
Stanislaus County Ashly Shaw, Waterford
Stanislaus County Aspen Kenyon, Empire
Stanislaus County Cari Miller, Sacred Heart
Stanislaus County Dylan Delhart, Hughson 4-H
Stanislaus County Hayley Gordon, Empire
Stanislaus County Jennifer Moncrief, Empire
Stanislaus County John Westberg, Shooting Stars
Stanislaus County Justin Bopp, Empire
Stanislaus County Rebecca Fisher, Wood Colony
Stanislaus County Tori Kennedy, Kiernan Klover
Stanislaus County Trenton Mendenhall, Sacred Heart
Sutter/Yuba County Adelaide Baber
Sutter/Yuba County Hannah Baber
Sutter/Yuba County Jacob Bartlett
Tehama County Katie Parks
Tehama County Mariah Kingwell
Tehama County Marly Adams
Tehama County Sierra Scholzen
Trinity County Al DeAntoni
Trinity County Ann Gamlen
Trinity County GeorgeAnn DeAntoni
Trinity County Luke Noland
Trinity County Thomas Gamlen
Ventura County Amanda Marshall
Ventura County Mira Brown

2006-2007 4-H Platinum Star Recipients

County 4-H Member
Alameda County Lauren Salcedo
Colusa County Alyssa Sankey
Colusa County Anastasia Doyle
Colusa County Joan Cain
Glenn County Andrea Jones
Glenn County Anna Poldervaart
Glenn County Brent Bickley
Glenn County Brittay Hall
Glenn County Chelsea Becerra
Glenn County Christine Evans
Glenn County Cole Curry
Glenn County Daniel Jones
Glenn County Drew Rogers
Glenn County Eric Massa
Glenn County Fallon Fumasi
Glenn County Frank Howard
Glenn County J.T. Minto
Glenn County Jamie Marron
Glenn County Julene Stokes
Glenn County Kaitlin Whitney
Glenn County Kortni Buttermore
Glenn County Lena Polk
Glenn County Lilly Villa
Glenn County Melissa Whitney
Glenn County Shayna Fissori
Glenn County Victoria Shuey
Imperial County Brett Mamer
Imperial County Bryce Smith
Imperial County Jeanine Smith
Imperial County Jordan Yee
Imperial County Kayanna Gilbert
Marin County Jeannette McClure
Mendocino County Lezlie Elmer
Orange County Amanda Thomason
Orange County Brennan Cackett
Orange County John Pascoe
Orange County Karen Schwandt
Orange County Kate Auchmoody
Orange County Nichole Nomura
San Diego County Kelsie Matthews
San Diego County Lisa Hillebrecht
San Joaquin County Jane Durston
San Joaquin County Tricia Stockar
San Mateo/San Francisco County Melissa Crist
Santa Barbara County Aaron Ruiz
Santa Barbara County Camille Greco
Santa Barbara County Haley Noriega
Santa Barbara County Shelby Tuck
Santa Cruz County Karen Williams
Solano County Amy Bohannan
Solano County Brady Baldwin
Solano County Joel Stark
Solano County Kyle Baldwin
Solano County Nicole Salet
Sonoma County Alina Amaral
Sonoma County Alison Upham
Sonoma County Amanda Mittelstadt
Sonoma County Angelica Calcagno-Williams
Sonoma County Bethany Garman
Sonoma County Cierra Warner
Sonoma County Cynthia Hinde
Sonoma County Danae Burbank
Sonoma County Jessica Smith
Sonoma County Keelyn Hanlon
Sonoma County Sarah McSweeney
Sonoma County Sydney Johnson
Sonoma County Theresa Hinrichs
Sonoma County Victoria Hamilton
Stanislaus County Carlee Sterling, Crows Landing
Stanislaus County Charis Tobias, Sierra
Stanislaus County John Lampros, Kiernan Klovers
Stanislaus County Mandy Westberg, Shooting Stars
Tehama County Bryan Wiggley
Tehama County Emily Nicholson
Trinity County Aren Lane
Trinity County Emily Lane
Trinity County Jessica Cody
Tuolumne County Emily Hamilton
Tuolumne County Jessica Haynie
Tuolumne County Jodi Hembree
Tuolumne County Melissa Stegall
Ventura County Cheryl Payne
Ventura County Karen Payne
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