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4-H Youth Development Program
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Diamond Clover Awards

California 4-H Diamond Clover Award

The California Diamond Clover is the highest achievement for which a 4-H youth member is recognized. All youth members who achieve the requirements are eligible to receive this award. Awardees receive the California Diamond Clover Pin or Necklace Charm, a certificate and a recognition letter from the Associate Director of 4-H Program and Policy. 

Applications are accepted year-round. Applications are reviewed by the 4-H Incentives and Recognition Advisory Committee and awarded quarterly.

Diamond Clover Award Application Information

Download Diamond Clover Application (docx)

Eligibility Requirements: Awardees must complete at least 13 requirements: 7 are mandatory and 6 are individualized. Additionally, complete applications must include an essay of 300-500 words.

Mandatory:  Applicants must complete ALL of these

  1. Completed at least 5 years as a California 4-H member with at least 3 as a senior member
  2. Currently enrolled in 4-H as a member or an adult volunteer
  3. Be at least 17 years old and not older than 25 years old on the date of submission
  4. Earned a Gold medal, as a senior member, at a 4-H Area or State Presentation Day
  5. Served at least one term as a Club Executive Officer (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Healthy Living Officer)
  6. Attended State Leadership Conference or an Area Conference at least once
  7. Completed at least 100 hours of community service

Individualized: Applicants must complete at least six to meet the minimum of 13 requirements

  • Taken at least 10 projects
  • Served on an Area Program Development Committee for one year
  • Served as a judge at a County, Multi-County, Area Presentation/Field Day, or State Field Day
  • Served as a chair/co-chair of a County, Multi-County or Area Event or Conference
  • Served on a State Advisory Committee for one year (one youth term)
  • Served as a State Ambassador
  • Presented a workshop at State Leadership Conference or an Area Leadership Conference at least once
  • Participated in an Area, State or National Citizenship Conference (e.g., CalFocus, Washington Focus, Leadership Washington Focus, National 4-H Conference, etc.)

For applicants between 19 and 25 years old, Individualized Requirements include:

  • Served as a Program Assistant at State Leadership Conference for one conference
  • Served as a Management Board Director one term
  • Served as Project Leader for at least one program year
  • Served on an Area Program Development Committee AND Chaired an Area Committee for one year
  • Member of Collegiate 4-H for at least 2 years
  • Served on a State Advisory Committee for 2 years (one term)
  • Served as a District Leader at California Focus for one conference
  • Served as a Program Assistant at Washington Focus or Leadership Washington Focus
  • Worked as a Student Assistant at the State 4-H Office for at least one year

Diamond Clovers have been awarded to several of the highest achieving 4-H youth members since 2013. View a complete list of all past recipients of the Diamond Clover award here. 

Diamond Clover Recipients

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