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4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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Record Book Competitions

Record Books are due to the State 4-H Office by October 21, 2016 for State Competition.

Where and how are 4-H Record Books reviewed and evaluated?

Club Review

4-H Record Books are first reviewed at the local level by 4-H Community Club/Unit Leaders and Project Leaders. Club level evaluation is based on the Danish system where 4-H Record Books are judged against a standard. Seals are awarded based on the member’s 4-H project work, personal growth and the book’s organization. Through their personal achievements and 4-H participation, members may earn Star Rank recognition.

The Incentives and Recognition Advisory Committee provides a state approved Record Book Evaluation form for Club use. All 4-H Clubs that host a Record Book review must use this evaluation form.

Instructions for how to administer the Club Record Book evaluation are available from the county UCCE 4-H office. 

Club Evaluation Worksheet

County Competition

Members may submit their 4-H Record Books for county competition. Books are evaluated on the member’s 4-H work, leadership and citizenship development, and personal growth. County level evaluation should be based on the Danish system with all books judged against a standard. Evaluators provide a critique and suggestions for future growth and involvement. 

Instructions for how to administer the County Record Book evaluation are available from the county UCCE 4-H office. State approved Record Book Evaluation Form for County use:

County Record Book Evaluation Worksheet (Scoring Pages Only)


County Evaluation Calibration

Interested in a county-specific training to help evaluators use the evaluation tool? Contact Gemma Miner at gmminer@ucanr.edu

Listen and view a webinar orientation to county-based competition. Explains the use of the County Evaluation Form. 

State Competition

For information regarding the State Record Book Competition, see the State Competition page.

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