4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
4-H Youth Development Program

CA 4-H Learning and Development

Using the eXtension Learning Management System, 4-H volunteers, staff and youth members have opportunities to advance skills and knowledge in 4-H youth development and educational practices.

To access the eXtension system and participate in online learning and development, please do the following:

1. Create an account. Download instructions to create an account (PDF)

2. Enroll in a course. Download instructions to enroll (PDF)

Choose from the courses listed below after you login to eXtension.


For all assistance, questions, or technical support related to the eXtension system or any of California 4-H's eLearning courses, please submit a ticket to report an issue.



Current eXtension Courses Offered by California 4-H


New Volunteer Training

Contact your County Extension Office for the Enrollment Key

2019-20 California New Volunteer Training

2019-20 Nueva CapacitaciĆ³n de Voluntarios de California

Returning Volunteer Training

Contact your County Extension Office for the Enrollment Key

2019-20 California Returning Volunteer Training

2019-20 Entrenamiento de voluntarios que regresan

Statewide Webinar Option for New and Returning Volunteer Training

Webinar versions of the New and Returning Trainings for Volunteers are also available. 

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the schedule and register for one.  

Courses for Overnight Chaperones


Additional courses offered through eXtension


Legacy Courses

These courses are good introductions to the basics of the Thrive curriculum. They are not currently available in the eXtension system.

Note: These legacy courses are some of the first e-learning courses CA 4-H offered. These courses require the use of Flash media and may not work on all systems. Technical support for these trainings is no longer provided.   


Helping Youth Discover Their Spark

This course defines a "Spark" and its importance in the lives of young people. It also discusses the role of a Spark Champion and how to have a Spark conversation with young people. 15 minutes.

Understanding the G.P.S. Goal Management System 

This course defines goal management and introduces the G.P.S. process and practice using the G.P.S. model of Goal Management. 15 minutes

Growth Mindset Training

This course defines a growth mindset and a fixed mindset and their differences, and how to discuss and learn strategies for encouraging a growth mindset. 15 minutes

Self-Reflection and the Indicators of Thriving

This course discusses the importance of self reflection in 4-H Youth Development Programs. It defines the indicators of thriving and their role in the development of 4-H youth, and explores ways to incorporate self reflection and the indicators of thriving into project meetings. 15 minutes


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