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JOANN 4-H Project Grants

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Thanks to the JOANN Paper Clover campaign and the tremendous support of our community for 4-H, we can offer the following grants to support 4-H projects in Communications & Expressive Arts and Consumer & Family Science.

All projects must fall within one of the areas listed below. Download printable PDF of Qualifying Projects. For a brief description on each 4-H project, please see the list of California 4-H Projects (PDF).

Qualifying Project Areas for JOANN Project Grants

Types of Grants


1. JOANN 4-H Service Learning Project Grant

Projects must be from the Qualifying Project List above and focus on a service learning project. Service Learning projects address a community issue and focus on creating and carrying out a plan to address the issue.

Number of awards: Up to two (2) $450 awards will be awarded for Cycle 1

APPLY for Service Learning Project Grant


2. JOANN 4-H Spark Project Grant

Projects must be from the Qualifying Project List above that focuses on a person's spark! Sparks are what help youth see the potential within themselves.

Number of awards: Up to four (4) $200 awards will be awarded for Cycle 1

APPLY for Spark Project Grant


3. JOANN 4-H Innovative Project Grant

Projects must be from the Qualifying Project List above and utilize the latest STEM innovations. Examples: 3-D printed fabrics, wearable technology, fabric design

Number of awards: Up to three (3) $500 awards will be awarded for Cycle 1

APPLY for Innovative Project Grant

Application requirements for JOANN 4-H Project Grants

Please read all of the Terms below before applying for a JOANN 4-H Project Grant. ONLY OPEN FOR CALIFORNIA 4-H

1. Submit your completed on-line application by the closing date

Cycle 1: Applications open: October 1, 2018
Cycle 1: Applications close: November 14, 2018

2. Attach your estimated budget to your on-line application using the budget template.

Download budget template (doc)


3. Obtain one (1) letter of support from your county 4-H staff for your application.

Please have your County 4-H Staff member fill out a Letter of Support form OR the on-line Letter of support form.

Letter of Support Form
On-Line Letter of Support



California 4-H individual youth members, adult volunteers, program staff, and groups of two or more 4-H members/volunteers/staff are eligible to apply for all three-grant categories.

Individuals and groups may be awarded only once in each grant category during a 12-month period. Individuals can apply and be awarded a grant as an individual and as part of a group in the same grant category as long as the project areas are different.

Individuals and groups may apply in multiple categories. The selection committee reserves the option of moving applications to another category if they feel it would be a better match.

Applications are evaluated on how well the applicant meets the description of the category and overall participation within 4-H. Group applications consisting of youth and adults need to demonstrate strong youth-adult partnerships. Youth members and adult volunteers must obtain one letter of support from their county 4-H staff when applying.  


Grant awardee(s) must use the award funds solely for the purposes outlined in the proposal. Awards will be mailed to winner’s county 4-H office, which will be distributed to the awardee(s).

Awardee(s) will be recognized on the California state 4-H website and social media accounts.

Awardee(s) will have approximately 9 months from receipt of the grant funds to complete the project, submit a the final report (4-H Delivers) and final budget. Final reports must include a description of the how the award was spent as well as photos and/or videos. Failure to comply will result in disqualification from applying for JOANN 4-H grants for a 12-month period.

Certificates and pins will be mailed once the final report is submitted. Group recipients will be awarded pins for every group member and one certificate per group.  


Cycle 1: October 2018

October 1, 2018: Applications Open

November 14, 2018: Applications Close

December 11, 2018: Winners Notified

September 26, 2019: Final Reports Due

Pins and certificates will be distributed after reports are submitted.

Cycle 2: February 2019

Dates may be subject to change

February 5, 2019: Applications open

March 27, 2019: Applications close

April 24, 2019: Winners Notified 

January 11, 2020: Final reports Due

Pins and certificates will be distributed after reports are submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the Frequently Asked Questions and answers about the JOANN Paper Clover and 4-H Project Grants.



For questions or concerns, please contact: Jessica Bautista, jbautista@ucanr.edu.

Grant Completion

All grant awardees must complete their project within approximately nine (9) months of receipt of the grant funds.

  • Cycle 1 4-H Delivers reports and final budgets due September 26, 2019
  • Cycle 2 4-H Delivers reports and final budgets due January 11, 2020

Final reports must submitted through the link below and must include:

  • 4-H Delivers Story (A description of how the award was spent)
  • Photos and/or video
  • Final budget with receipts/documentation

Click here to Submit Final report

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