4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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4-H Youth Development Program

4-H Evaluation

Spark Survey Results

The Spark Surveys are open twice a year for 4-H youth to fill out in the Online Record Book (ORB). The surveys allow us to take a "snapshot" of the 4-H'ers in the Fall and then again in the Spring. They allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of the 4-H program in developing youth in various areas. 

Highlights of the 2016 Spark Surveys


Want to know more about how the data is used? Check out this FAQ!

FAQs about the Sparks Surveys in the Online Record Book


Evaluation Tools and Measures

The measures listed on this page are for county-based staff and volunteers that would like to evaluation their programs.

Summative (outcomes) evaluations: assess program impacts-what did youth get out of the program; what did they learn?

Formative (program improvement) evaluations: help learn how the program, event, etc., can be improved for future participants.

We collect data from 4-H youth based on our program framework. Below is a list of outcome measures that we assess. We encourage you to use these measures to measure impacts of your programs. For more information about each measure, please see the "Survey Information" file.

Survey Information


Summative (Outcome) Evaluations

Below are Word documents of each measure currently collected in the Online Record Book. In addition, these are available electronically in Qualtrics for online data collection. If evaluating youth enrolled in the community club program, please encourage them to complete the surveys in the Online Record Book, and contact the Evaluation Coordinator for a copy of the data.

If you use the Word documents, be sure to include the "Survey Cover Page" and complete the county contact information. This page must be used for any data collected for research purposes. The Survey Cover Page will download as a Word document; please do not make any changes other than editing your county information.

Survey Cover Page Template

NOTE: before you collect data on any of these outcomes, you may need to first obtain approval from the Institutional Review Board at UC Davis. Please contact the 4-H Evaluation Coordinator to see if you are covered by the state IRB.

Primary Member Grades K-3
Program Experience Grades 4-12
Healthy Living Grades 4-12
Science Grades 4-7
Science Grades 8-12
Views about Science Grades 4-12
Civic Engagement Grades 4-12
Youth Development (Universal) Grades 4-12
Teamwork Grades 4-12
College & Career Readiness Grades 8-12
Positive Youth Development-Short Grades 4-12
Academics Grades 4-12
Mindset Grades 4-12
Sparks Grades 4-12
Wellbeing Grades 4-12
Goal Setting and Management Grades 4-12
Teens as Teachers (for Teen Teachers)


Sample formative (program improvement) evaluations

Program Quality Assessment Tool and Documentation
Program Quality-Detailed Instructions
Program Quality-Safety & Environment
Program Quality-Relationship Building & Youth Engagement
Program Quality-Community Involvement & Skill Building
Program Quality-Educational Practices

 State 4-H Field Day
SFD Evaluation Survey 2014 FINAL

State Leadership Conference (SLC) 2005-2012
SLC Evaluation Surveys 2005-2012

Online Record Book 
ORB Satisfaction Survey

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