University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
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University of California 4-H Youth Development Program

Enrollment Forms

Use 4hOnline instead of paper forms!

We highly recommend that all families and volunteers self-enroll in 4hOnline. The 4hOnline system was designed for families to use for self-enrollment.

Benefits of self-enrolling in 4hOnline:

  • Speeds up the enrollment process. Users enter their own information and form approvals - no waiting for someone else to enter the information into 4hOnline.

  • Minimizes data entry error when paper forms are entered by someone else

  • Lessens the amount of paperwork that must be submitted and stored for the enrollment process, both for the applicant and the person entering the information into 4hOnline.

  • Automated status updates. Self-enrolled members and volunteers are sent automated messages to their Family email with eXtension login instructions and the status of their enrollment. Those who use paper forms must contact their 4-H county Program Representative to get that information.

  • Users can login to 4hOnline anytime to update their Health History form. This helps keep the forms always up to date.

  • The 4hOnline Health History Form Report can be used for participation in 4-H events and activities - but only for people who self-enroll. Those who use paper forms will reflect that they submitted a paper form, which should be on file.

Spanish enrollment

Unfortunately, the 4hOnline system is only in English. Those who need Spanish forms should use the paper enrollment forms and turn it in to their club leader or county staff to enter into 4hOnline. Individuals and data entry staff should keep a copy for their records.


Enter 4hOnline System

4hOnline is a web-based system used to enroll youth and accept applications for adults in the California 4-H Youth Development Program. To get started using the 4hOnline  enrollment system, please login to and use the instruction sheets below. 

2020-2021 Enrollment Forms

If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser, please follow the steps here to adjust settings in Firefox to allow viewing of pdf files below, as several pdf documents contain fillable fields. 

Group Enrollment Forms

4-H Group Enrollment Form

4-H Military Group Enrollment Form


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