4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
4-H Youth Development Program

UC ANR 4-H Branding Toolkit

The Branding Toolkit incorporates the branding guidelines of the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) and the United States Department of Food and Agriculture (USDA) to maintain a consistent brand image for the California 4-H Youth Development Program.

For ready-to-use templates see Section 5 below.

Branding Checklist
Section 1: 4-H Name and Emblem
Section 2: UC ANR 4-H Logo and Brand
Section 3: ANR Non-Discrimination Statements and Accessibility
Section 4: USDA NIFA Logo
Section 5: Templates
Section 6: Additional Resources

Branding Checklist

Use the branding checklist below to make sure you are in compliance with the USDA and UC ANR's branding requirements.  

  1. 4-H logo follows the guidelines set by the USDA: The logo is upright, proportionate, and the correct color; No words or images are obstructing the clover and the “18 U.S.C. 707” symbol has not been removed (section 1)

  2. 4-H name abides by the guidelines set by the USDA: I have checked to make sure that the hyphen is included in all “4-H”s and “4-H” has not been split over two lines (section 1)

  3. I have included the UC ANR logo in my document and have followed the guidelines set by UC ANR (section 2)

  4. If needed, I have placed the UCCE logo in the opposite corner from the UC ANR 4-H logo and the UCCE logo is not bigger than the 4-H emblem (section 2)

  5. I have consistently used UC ANR brand elements, including recommended fonts and colors (section 2)

  6. I have included the non-discrimination statement on my document (section 3)

  7. I have included the wheelchair accessibility icon and/or a disability accommodation statement with county contact information (section 3)

  8. Link to county 4-H extension office website and county contact information: http://4h.ucanr.edu/contactus/StateOffice/Contact_Us/County/

  9. If needed, the proper NIFA logo has been used on my document (section 4)


Social media frames

Mount these frames on foam core or poster board, cut out the center, and use on social media posts.

Click to download Inspire Kids to Do photo booth frame (PDF, 24x24)
Click to download Inspire Kids to Do photo booth frame (PDF, 24x24)


#TrueLeaders photo booth sign (PDF, 24x24")






#LíderesVerdaderos photo booth sign (PDF, 24x24")





#Ca4HGrown photo booth sign (PDF, 30x30")

4-H Grows Here signs

4-H Grows Here logo

Order signs to show where 4-H is in your neighborhood!

Click the order form below to download a PDF copy to print and mail in. Proceeds support Area events planned by the California 4-H Management Board


Current 4-H Campaigns

Access campaign toolkits and resources to promote your club's events and activities in support of these 4-H campaigns.

National 4-H Week, October 7-13

National 4-H Week Logo RGB 2018

English - EPS for print only (CMYK color)

English - JPG-white background

English - PNG-transparent background

National 4-H Week Logo SPANISH RGB

Spanish - JPG-white background

Spanish - PNG-transparent background


Sample newsletter announcements

Newsletter announcement sample text for youth, parents, and volunteers. Also includes sample text for a short announcement.

Newsletter announcement-English (docx)

Newsletter announcement-Spanish (docx)


Get recognition with a Proclamation

Get National 4-H Week recognized in your city or county by personalizing the template for your local legislator (city, county, and/or state legislator). Please notify Suzanne (morikawa@ucanr.edu) if you receive one so we can notify National 4-H too!

Proclamation Guide for National 4-H Week (PDF)

Proclamation Template (docx)


Publicize Your Event

Publicize your National 4-H Week activities with your local newspaper and news stations. Please contact Suzanne at morikawa@ucanr.edu if you need help.

Press release template (docx)

Sample Radio PSA - English (PDF)

Sample Radio PSA - Spanish (PDF)


Social Media Resources

Primary: #InspireKidstoDo
Secondary: #TrueLeaders

  • Facebook @California4H
  • Twitter @California4H
  • Instagram @ca4H


  1. Always use the Hashtag, #InspireKidstoDo, on all posts.
  2. Add images of youth, alumni or volunteers to accompany your posts
  3. Tag California 4-H or your county's 4-H account where appropriate. Then we can share your post too!


2018 National 4-H Week social media messaging (docx) - Sample messages for leaders, alumni, parents and youth. Copy, paste, and customize for use on your social media posts.


Social media images - 800x800


Download images 1-4 English (zip)

1. National 4-H Week-Garden
1. National 4-H Week-Garden
2. National 4-H Week-Civic Engagement
2. National 4-H Week-Civic Engagement
3. National 4-H Week - STEM
3. National 4-H Week - STEM
4. National 4-H Week - Animal Science
4. National 4-H Week - Animal Science

Download images 1-2 Spanish (zip)

1. Spanish-National 4-H Week STEM
1. Spanish-National 4-H Week STEM
2. Spanish National 4-H Week - Garden
2. Spanish National 4-H Week - Garden










Social media frame for National 4-H Week
Click image to download PDF of frame to print
Click image to download PDF of frame to print



4-H Spirit Day, October 9, 2018

Wear your 4-H shirt, a clover, or green to show your 4-H pride on October 9! Share this image in your email and social media to remind your 4-H members and volunteers to show their 4-H pride!

4-H Spirit Day-Tuesday, Oct. 9. Show your 4-H pride and wear a clover


National Youth Science Day, October 1-31, 2018

National Youth Science Day logo

This year, we’re celebrating 4-H National Youth Science Day throughout the entire month of October! Find out how you can get your classroom, families and afterschool programs involved in the 11th annual event!  #4HNYSD

Code Your World logo

Get the Kit

This year’s 4-H National Youth Science Day four-part computer science (CS) challenge that teaches kids to apply CS to the world around them through hands-on activities.

Order your kit.

Download Facilitator Guide

Download Youth Workbook

2018 4-H NYSD Certificate - This version has the UC ANR logo and is a form that can be personalized using Adobe Acrobat Pro. The kit will come with a certificate but it will not have our logo on it.


Plan your event

Event Planning Guide

2018 NYSD Overview - Customizable flyer to share with partnering schools and organizations. Add your contact information to the 2nd page using Adobe Acrobat Pro.


Promote your event

Editable flyer (PDF)

Media Advisory template (docx) - to invite media to attend your event

Press Release template (docx) - to publicize your event in local media

2018 4-H NYSD Bookmarks (4 per page)

Email header 800x300

Web banners: 160x600 (tall banner), 300x250 (square), 728x90 (recommended for website header)


Social Media #4HNYSD, #InspireKidstoDo

Social Media Messaging (docx)

2018 4-H NYSD Photo Booth Frame_Page_1
2018 4-H NYSD Photo Booth Frame_Page_1
2018 4-H NYSD Photo Booth Frame_Page_2
2018 4-H NYSD Photo Booth Frame_Page_2

National Youth Science Day Photo Booth Frame - Page 1 and Page 2 (PDF) 24x24



Tractor Supply Paper Clover, Oct. 3 - Oct. 14


Fall 2018 Tractor Supply/4-H Partnership press release template (docx)

Use these images in your website, emails, and social media posts to promote the Tractor Supply Paper Clover campaign. Right-click on an image and select "Save image as" to save the image onto your computer for your use.

80x60 TS Paper Clover-use in email signatures
80x60 TS Paper Clover-use in email signatures
175x140 TSC Paper Clover - Use in emails, newsletters
175x140 TSC Paper Clover - Use in emails, newsletters
240x125 TSC Paper Clover - use on websites, emails
240x125 TSC Paper Clover - use on websites, emails
Click for a PDF to print. Right-click and select
Click for a PDF to print. Right-click and select "Save as image" for a web image.


Since it began in 2010, the partnership between Tractor Supply and 4-H has generated more than $11,000,000 in essential funding nationwide. The Paper Clover fundraiser, which takes place in the spring and fall, raised over $75,500 in California during the Fall 2017 campaign.  

Click image for 11x17 PDF or right-click and select
Click image for 11x17 PDF or right-click and select

JOANN and 4-H partnership

JOANN 4-H partnership logo
JOANN is a national partner of 4-H.


4-H Reward Program

Sign up for the JOANN 4-H Reward Program for 15% off your total in-store and online purchases!

A minimum of 2.5% of every eligible transaction is donated to 4-H.

Your support helps National 4-H develop partnerships that create new opportunities for 4-H youth nationwide. National 4-H hosts opportunities for 4-H'ers to connect with each other at the national level, through events such as the National Youth Summit Series, Citizenship Washington Focus and Leadership Washington Focus, among others.


Two ways to sign up:

  1. Sign up online at http://www.joann.com/4-H/
  2. Download the free JOANN app on your mobile device. Go to "More" and select "Loyalty Programs".

JOANN 4-H Partnership - sewing image
Promote the JOANN 4-H Reward Program:


Section 1: 4-H Name and Emblem

The 4-H Name and Emblem are a Federal Mark, protected by 18 USC 707. Please read the full USDA guidelines outlining proper usage. 4-H Name and Emblem Guidelines

4-H units and VMOs are authorized by the 4-H charter to carry out a program of youth development activities using the 4-H name and emblem (see chapter 9 of policy manual)
For outside entities requesting to use name and emblem:

  1. The county director or designee is responsible for authorizing the use of the 4-H name and emblem within her or his jurisdiction. See Application to Use 4-H Name and Emblem Single or Multiple County Use
  2. The State 4-H Youth Development Program Director is responsible for authorizing the use of the 4-H name and emblem for statewide or multi-county (not under the authority of one county director) use. See Application to Use 4-H Name and Emblem Statewide or Multiple County Use.

Color. The 4-H Emblem should never be screened, shaded, gradated, or appear in a multicolored hue. Graphic Designers: The official color is 100% PMS 347 green.

4-H Emblem_PMS 347

The "H's" on the green clover can be white, black or metallic gold.

Color PNG
Color JPEG
Color TIF
Color GIF
Color EPS (Zip)


The "H's" on the black clover should be white.



The "H's" on the white clover can be black or green.

White/Green PNG
White/Black PNG
White/Black JPEG


The "H's" on the metallic clover can be white, black, or metallic gold (when embossed). 

The one exception to the above descriptions of the color of the H’s is when only one-color printing is being used. With one-color printing the H’s can be reversed out to the color of the paper (or medium) on which the emblem is printed.

One-color printing requires either PMS 347 green or black. For commercial applications, the "18 U.S.C. 707" notice should be the same color as the clover leaves. Black or white are the only acceptable alternatives to green for one-color printing.

Two-color printing - Only PMS 347 green may be used for the leaves and “18 U.S.C. 707” notice.

Four-color process (full color printing) - In four-color process printing, PMS colors are approximated using a particular combination of the standard four-color process printing inks. The four-color process percentages required to match 4-H’s PMS 347 green are: cyan 100%, magenta 0%, yellow 90%, and black 0%. There is no PMS equivalent to PMS 873.

Video and Computer Screen Colors (Electronic Media) - The colors transmitted by electronic media are created using precise combinations of RGB (red, green, blue). The correct RGB values for the 4-H green are: R=51, G=153, B=102. No other colors are acceptable.

Section 2: UC ANR 4-H Logo and Brand

Brands are about relationships: Using the UC ANR 4-H logo, and recommended fonts and color palette will help strengthen the impact of the 4-H program in California.

**Reminder: The UC ANR 4-H logo should be included on ALL marketing and publishing materials and UC ANR should be mentioned when speaking verbally about our program. Always showcase the relationship of 4-H to UC ANR, whether it is visually through logos and brand identity, or verbal or written references through television, radio, YouTube videos, press releases, etc.

Logo Formats

PNG: Use with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Excel. These files have a transparent background and good for use on the web and monitors. Resizing larger than the original file size may lose quality.

JPG: Use in web and for electronic displays. Resizing larger than the original file size may lose quality.

PDF: Vector-based, may be resized without losing quality. Good for print or web use.

EPS: Vector-based, may be resized without losing quality. Good for documents and collateral that will be professional printed. Compatible with publishing software, such as InDesign and Illustrator. 

TIF: Vector-based, may be resized without losing quality. Good for documents and collateral that will be professional printed. Compatible with publishing software, such as InDesign and Illustrator. 


uc anr fonts
The font families associated with the UC ANR Branding Toolkit are Minion Pro (serif) and Cronos Pro (sans serif). Acceptable substitutes are Times New Roman (serif) in place of Minion Pro and Verdana (sans serif) in place of Cronos Pro. Additional fonts may be used for various projects/activities. 

Color Palette:

In addition to using the 4-H green, the UC ANR color palette is recommended as a best practice for designed materials and web pages. These colors are automatically included in Site Builder 3 templates.

4-H Green 

Web, Monitors: RGB: R=51, B=153, B=102
Hex #00a65d

Print: CMYK: C=100, M=0, Y=90, K=0
PMS 347

Color palette for UC ANR branding

UCCE logo: 

UCCE logo
Local 4-H offices often include the UCCE logo as well as the UC ANR 4-H logo on documents. It is not necessary but in the case that you would like to include the UCCE logo it can be placed to the opposite corner of the UC ANR 4-H logo, and it should not be larger than the 4-H clover on the UC ANR 4-H logo. It is not permitted to stack 2 logos together alongside the ANR logo.


Section 3: ANR Non-Discrimination Statements and Accessibility

Please include the UC ANR Non-discrimination and Affirmative Action statement in English or Spanish on all 4-H event and meeting flyers. Use the current statement "For Single Page Flyers" 

For documents about program practices and employment, please use the current statements in English and Spanish found at: http://ucanr.edu/sites/anrstaff/Diversity/Affirmative_Action/Resources/Policy-related_downloads/ 

Accessibility for wheelchairs

For meeting/event locations accessible to individuals with wheelchairs, use the wheelchair accessibility icon (below) to the left of the non-discrimination statement on your flyer, meeting notices, etc.

Handicap Symbol_ANR Blue
Blue wheelchair accessibility icon
Black wheelchair accessibility icon
White wheelchair accessibility icon


Other available accommodations

When appropriate, other available accommodations should be specified. This may include language interpretation, sign language, and other accommodations for individuals with special needs.


Include a statement informing individuals that if they require a disability accommodation to call the county office and make their request. 


Section 4: USDA NIFA Logo

Please be sure to use the proper NIFA logo on any and all documents, presentations, etc. All USDA agency logos are represented by the USDA logo with the agency’s name spelled out next to it. There are 3 versions of NIFAs logo – horizontal, vertical and centered that are available for download on NIFA’s website: 



Section 5: Templates

Club Event Flyer 1 (Pub) 2017 The following templates are free to use for your marketing and publishing needs.  Not seeing something you need? Let us know by sending a message to ca4h@ucanr.edu

Tips for Making Flyers in Word
Tips for Making Flyers in Publisher

Club Templates:


Event Flyer Templates:

Club Newsletter Templates:



 T-Shirt Designs:

Please read the T-shirt design guidelines carefully to ensure
your club is abiding by the UC ANR 4-H branding guidelines.

The 4-H T-Shirt designs (AI vector files) below are free to use.
Note: You must use Adobe Illustrator in order to edit these files. Certain Fonts may need to be downloaded or substituted. Contact your t-shirt design company to help you edit your file:

T-Shirt Design-White ex website

T-Shirt Design 1
(Add the ANR logo to the 
sleeve of this design)

T-Shirt Design-Green ex website

T-Shirt Design 2

T-Shirt Design - Gray ex website

T-Shirt Design 3

T-Shirt Design-Black ex website

T-Shirt Design 4 (Back)

County Templates:


Section 6: Additional Resources

ANR staff personnel can use additional ANR portal resources to help with branding. Non-ANR individuals can work with their county 4-H offices if access to these resources are needed.

4-H Photos:

4-H photo albums from past events can be found on our Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ca4h/sets/

Read our 4-H policy regarding photo releases and website privacy (sections XIV and XV)

Social Media:

Social media is a powerful tool to communicate with your members, volunteers and the community. We encourage you to follow best practices for posting on social media. Please see the following resources for assistance in developing a social media plan.

4-H Social Media Guidelines

UC ANR Social Networking site - includes Social Media Guidelines for UC ANR organizations and links to UC ANR social media accounts and blogs.

Icons to download

Right-click on the icon to save it for use on your county/club 4-H site. Link the icon to your social media account.

Facebook image
Twitter icon
Flickr Icon
YouTube icon
Instagram icon
Pinterest icon

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The 4-H name and emblem service marks are protected under 18 U.S.C. 707.
Webmaster Email: ca4h@ucanr.edu