4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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4-H Youth Development Program

4-H County All Star Ambassadors

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What is an All Star 4-H Ambassador?

Sponsored by each county 4-H office and/or county 4-H leaders' council, all counties in California have an All Star 4-H Ambassador program for older youth. All Star 4-H Ambassadors are liaisons between the county 4-H office, 4-H members and volunteers, and the public. All Star 4-H Ambassadors visit 4-H clubs in their county; network with other organizations within the community; and represent their county at the annual 4-H State Leadership Conference. Their participation in other 4-H county, sectional, and statewide meetings and activities varies by county. All Star 4-H Ambassadors are role models for their fellow 4-H members, their county, and their community.

Why does 4-H have All Star 4-H Ambassadors, and where do they fit with the rest of 4-H?

The All Star 4-H Ambassador rank not only recognizes a member's leadership abilities, but it is also a working honor. The best and brightest 4-H'ers are selected to represent their county as All Star 4-H Ambassadors. These members are deemed worthy to represent 4-H in their counties because they excel in their personal 4-H projects and also support their county 4-H programs in other ways. In addition to their own 4-H projects and activities, All Star 4-H Ambassadors assist with county events, develop plans of action, and perform service projects. This esteemed position keeps older members involved by providing them with leadership development through goals to strive for as they serve as leader role models for younger members. All of these factors add up to a leadership experience unique to the 4-H Youth Development Program. 

All star Ambassadors

All Star 4-H Ambassador Resource Handbook (PDF)

This All Star 4-H Ambassador Resource Handbook is the result of the work of the 2005-2006 State Ambassadors, who collected, analyzed, and compiled All Star 4-H Ambassador processes and applications from over 34 counties. 

By thinking creatively about what County All Star 4-H Ambassador programs could be, they organized information in this manual so it can be used in part or whole by counties for their All Star 4-H Ambassador programs. Hopefully, it will be of use for All Star 4-H Ambassador Candidates, new Advisors, and County Leaders’ Councils.

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