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4-H Youth Development Program
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Marketing and Communication

Brands are about relationships: the University of California connection gives the division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) 4-H Youth Development Program credibility - participation in this system will foster a strong, unified image for 4-H and will help your service-learning project!

Please review the collection of branding resources and tips in addition to the service learning toolkit to help send out a clear, consistent message for California’s 4-H Youth Development Program, abiding by the branding guidelines of the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) and the United States Department of Food and Agriculture (USDA).

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It’s time to put your 4-H service learning project in the spotlight!

Use these marketing strategies and sample materials to share your progress, celebrate your success, tell your story, and demonstrate your commitment to making a positive impact in your community. There are a number of ways to create visibility and recognition for your project, your club, your volunteers, your sponsors, and your community partners – check out the topics below to learn how you can draw attention to your project!  You’ll find helpful tips for working with the media, communicating your message clearly, implementing a social media strategy, and engaging your community.

Whether you're in the process of implementing an amazing service learning project or you’ve completed your project, it’s time to celebrate your accomplishments. What are the best ways to share your efforts in your community?  How can you get publicity and recognition in your local newspaper, on your local radio and television stations, and through public events and photo-ops?  Here are a number of easy to use resources that can support your marketing efforts for maximum impact.  And, you’ll see that this is just the beginning – you’ll find many opportunities to use your creativity to put together a plan that will work best in your own community.

Let’s get on the same page!

Before you begin, review this brief glossary of marketing terms so that you are comfortable creating your plan.

Please select a topic from the links below

Some important guidelines to keep in mind

Before you implement your plan, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some UC ANR 4-H policies that pertain to marketing, advertising, and social media. If you have further questions about these policies, we’d be happy to help you.  Contact Jenna Colburn jcolburn@ucanr.edu  for more information.

Telling your Story

Whether you are writing a press release, creating a PSA for broadcast on a local radio station, participating in an interview, or presenting your project in front of your local City Council, it is important that you tell your story in a compelling and meaningful way. 

  Now it’s time to tell the story of YOUR project – what you are doing, why it’s important, and what you hope to achieve as a result of your efforts.  Here’s a great tool to help you tell your story in a variety of formats. Once you have created story using the previous guidelines, use this rubric to discern whether or not your story is portraying the message you intended. Always include 4-H's connection with the University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources to strengthen the program's credibility. 

How do we get publicity and press coverage for our service learning project?

There are a number of venues that cover local stories – daily, weekly and monthly newspapers, online publications, and local magazines.  If you are partnering with other community organizations, businesses or public agencies, you may also receive coverage on their websites or print publications. You’ve honed your story – now it’s time to develop a professional press release to communicate the importance of your project to a variety of media outlets. You’ll want to have some great photos of your project available as well . . . a picture is worth a thousand words! Use UC ANR 4-H's Press Release Template to reinforce our brand and connection to the University of California. Check out these links for Press Release samples, do’s and don’ts and some great pointers for working with the media.

What can we create for radio and television?

Your press release may get you an invitation to do an interview or to develop a short PSA (Public Service Announcement) for broadcast on a local radio or television station.  Here’s a great overview that will help you polish your interview skills. Use UC ANR's Press Release Template

Taking advantage of Web-based Media (for members and volunteers)

Facebook and Twitter can be great resources for getting the word out about your project. Create links to your press release, project photos, and events related to your project using these easy and cost-free resources.  Your community partners and local sponsors may also have a Facebook page or Twitter account so see if they will post information about your project as well.  You might also want to create a project blog, providing regular updates on your progress to build interest and keep your community engaged.

The National 4-H Council has developed an excellent Social Media guide that will help you in planning your web-based marketing strategy.  This guide when combined with the recommended California 4-H social media guidelines will help you to launch a successful online campaign!

Documenting your project through Photography and Video

 Whether you are capturing the process as your project unfolds or highlighting the final outcomes, your photographs and video footage will tell a unique story.  For more details about documenting your project, you can check out the Project and Documentation sections.  It’s important to capture great photos and strong video footage along the way.  You may not yet have a final plan in place but if you have great images to work with, you’ll be on your way.  These resources will help you with your final documentation. 

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