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4-H Alumni and Friends

Welcome to the 4-H Alumni and Friends Toolkit! 

The toolkit contains items that will help you connect with alumni and friends and think about ways to engage with them once you have made contact. We have also included items to help you understand the policies and procedures regarding 4-H Alumni and Friends, and suggestions on how the 4-H Foundation can help you as you move forward with your Alumni and Friends engagement efforts.

Alumni and Friends of 4-H are an important factor when considering how to strengthen 4-H and seek private support. They understand 4-H, have reaped benefits from being connected to 4-H, and have the resources and the desire to support 4-H. They have wonderful stories to share, and they are able and willing to mobilize to advocate for 4-H at the local, regional, and national level.

What we have learned is that many people are connected to 4-H in various ways—as leaders, volunteers, parents and alumni.  ALL of these people see themselves as having a strong connection to California 4-H, but not all of them see themselves as “alumni.”  When we conduct alumni outreach it is important to remember this, so for the purpose of this toolkit, we are referring to all "Friends of 4-H" as "alumni" – how they are connected usually falls within one or more categories.


Let’s get on the same page!

Before you begin, review this brief glossary of alumni and outreach terms so that you are comfortable creating your plan.


Reaching out to Alumni: Collecting Data

This template can be replicated and used as is to collect information, or data, about your Alumni.  At the Foundation we have used this card to collect data at outreach events and included it in our mailings.  We have also used this card for door prize entries – it is a great way to get people to fill them out!

Managing your Alumni Data

Good data, such as first and last names, how people want to be addressed in their correspondence, and accurate email and physical addresses are key to creating a useful database.  This Excel template can be used to guide you through the process of data collection, and help you insure that you are collecting the right data and storing it in the right manner.


Now that you have alumni information, what do you do with it?

What do you do with alumni now that you have contacted them?  What do you do with the information you have collected?  How can the Foundation help? This tip sheet contains ideas on how to effectively engage with alumni, what to consider when you are doing outreach, and a list of activities to "attract" alumni.


Create “Save the Date” Cards and Invitations for your Alumni Events

With a few keystrokes, you can customize these templates to work for your particular events.  Just add your own dates, times, and places, and it should be good to go!

Link to Save the Date Sample Postcard

Link to Event Invitation Sample

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