4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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4-H Youth Development Program

Plans of Action

Delegates for California Focus and Washington Focus events are able to utilize the new skills they have learned by carrying out a plan of action in their local community. Each delegate will carry out a pre-approved service learning project and complete a 4-H Delivers story upon completion of their service learning project. Tools to help youth and volunteer leaders in planning and implementing a plan are:

Washington Focus delegates: Your pre-approval will need to be submitted,approved and project complete before December 31 of the year you participate in a Washington Focus trip. Once you've identified your issue and begun your planning, complete your approval and submit it. It is highly recommended that you use the Service Learning Planning Guide to aid in your planning process. Your 4-H Delivers story will need to be submitted before certificates of completion and pins are awarded. 

California Focus delegates: Please complete your pre-approval application before California Focus. Groups will present your idea to your peers and conference staff the last day of conference. Projects do not have to be completed before the conference. Begin by identifying a real need in your local community. It is highly recommended that you utilize the Service Learning Planning Guide. 

If you are looking for ideas, check out the Service Learning projects that have been completed by other 4-H Members on the California 4-H Foundation website.


Please contact Jenna Colburn 530-750-1336 jcolburn@ucanr.edu or Scott Mautte 530-750-1335 scmautte@ucanr.edu with any questions.



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