4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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4-H Youth Development Program

4-H Healthy Living Activities and Ideas

4-H Healthy Living Activity Guide

Healthy Living MyTaste

MyTaste Activity
Introduce youth to 4-H Healthy Living by delivering this fun activity at your club, project  meeting, afterschool program or camp. In this high-energy activity, youth will become more aware of their taste personality and discover how to use this knowledge to eat healthier.

Healthy Living MyTaste

Wordplay Activity
In this hands-on activity, youth will broaden their definition of healthy living to include physical, emotional and social wellness.

Healthy Living Wordplay

Treasure Hunt Activity

Youth and adults will work together to practice teamwork and problem solving skills as well as enjoy social time and learn skill based knowledge by doing a fun Treasure Hunt.

Healthy Living Treasure Hunt


The Amazing Race

4-H is on the move! Are you on the move too? In this station-based activity, participants will learn creative ways to get moving while competing in an "amazing race."

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The Amazing Race

Download the cards for the Power Card Challenge! FitDeck Power Cards
Credit: The Network for a Healthy California. Content provided by FitDeck, Inc. (fitdeck.com).

Healthy Food and Beverage Guidelines

The percent of Americans—both children and adults—who are overweight or obese is staggering. Roughly two-thirds of adults are overweight and 32 percent of children and adolescents. Obesity is linked to serious health consequences such as heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and more. In recognition of this problem, California 4-H is committed to educating 4-H youth and their families about healthy habits and encouraging healthy options at 4-H events and activities.

4-H Beverage Guidelines

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