4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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4-H Youth Development Program

4-H Camps

California 4-H overnight and day camp programs engage youth in social events, recreational pursuits, and training workshops. Campers can participate in a myriad of activities such as canoeing, crafting, or hiking. They can discover a new Spark, establish a willingness to try new things, and develop the qualities of healthy, happy, thriving people.

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4-H Overnight Camps

4-H camps are county-based programs that foster healthy living in the outdoors. Camp offerings differ in each county and each facility that has its own unique amenities - swimming pools, fishing ponds, waterfronts, campfire amphitheater, and more. Participating in camp programs help youth build self confidence, meet new people, and experience new opportunities. 

The 4-H overnight camps are listed below in alphabetical order by county. To get more information about the camp, please click the links below to go to their website or reach the contact person listed.

  1. Alameda County 4-H Camp

  2. Colusa County 4-H Camp - Camp Tehama
    Contact: Patty Hickel,1996@frontiernet.net, 530-458-2906

  3. Contra Costa County 4-H Camp - Las Posadas Camp

  4. El Dorado (Central Sierra) 4-H Camp - Camp Concord, Lake Tahoe
    Contact: Denise Veffredo, 530-621-5568, dveffredo@ucanr.edu 

  5. Fresno County 4-H Camp Keola
    Contact Tracy Newton, 559-241-7525, tlnewton@ucanr.edu

  6. Glenn County 4-H Camp
    Contact Sara van Tol, 530-865-1100

  7. Humboldt County 4-H Camp - Blue Slide Camp
    Contact: Thomas Stratton, 707-445-7351, tjstratton@ucanr.edu 

  8. Lassen County 4-H Camp - Eagle Lake Youth Camp
    Contact: Darcy Hanson, 530-251-8285, dhhanson@ucdavis.edu

  9. Los Angeles County 4-H Camp
    Contact: Keith Nathaniel, 626-586-1970, kcnathaniel@ucanr.edu

  10. Madera County 4-H Camp - Jackass Rock Campground

  11. Camp Tweety 4-H Camp (Mariposa County)
    Contact: 4-H Staff, 209-966-2417, dswice@ucanr.edu

  12. Marin 4-H Camp
    Contact: marin4h@ucanr.edu

  13. Merced County Science and Adventure 4-H Camp
    Contact: Kim Heyer, 209-723-7868, idawgs4me@aol.com

  14. Mendocino-Lake 4-H Summer Camp
    Contact: 4-H Staff, 707-263-6838, jfrazell@ucanr.edu 
  15. Monterey County 4-H Camp - Camp Maymac
    Contact: Stefanie Burgess, 831-455-8753, peppyburgess@sbcglobal.net

  16. Napa 4-H Camps
    Two weeks of camp offered. One in June and one in July.
    Contact: cenapa@ucanr.edu

  17. Napa County 4-H Camp - Las Posadas 4-H Camp
    Contact: Jim O’Neill, 707-253-4146, Jim.ONEILL@countyofnapa.org

  18. Nevada County 4-H Camp
    Contact: Jill Simmons, 530-273-4563, jcsimmons@ucanr.edu

  19. Placer County 4-H Camp
    Contact: Shannon Kane, slkane@ucanr.edu, 530-889-7386

  20. Plumas-Sierra 4-H Camp
    Contact: Stephanie Tanaka, 530-283-6173, stanaka@plumasruralservices.org

  21. Riverside County 4-H Camp 
    Contact: Stephanie Barrett, 951-683-6491x229, slbarrett@ucanr.edu 

  22. Sacramento 4-H Resident Camp - Camp Gold Hollow 
    Contact: Jen Henkens, 916-875-6530, jahenkens@ucanr.edu

  23. Range 4-H Camp (San Benito County)
    Contact: Theresa Becchetti, 209-525-6800, tabecchetti@ucdavis.edu

  24. San Bernardino 4-H Camp at Camp Seely
    Contact: Keith Nathaniel, 626-586-1970, kcnathaniel@ucanr.edu

  25. San Joaquin 4-H Camp

  26. San Francisco/San Mateo Counties 4-H Camp
    Contact: Yesenia Hernandez, yvhernandez@ucanr.edu

  27. Camp Wahoo! 4-H Camp (Santa Barbara County)
    **Note: Camp closed for renovation in 2017**
    Contact: Janelle Hansen, jmmhansen@ucanr.edu

  28. Santa Clara 4-H Camp

  29. Sonoma 4-H Camps
    Two weeks of camp offered in June/July
    Contact: cesonoma4h@ucanr.edu

  30. Tehama County 4-H Camp 

  31. Tuolumne 4-H Camp - Camp Silver Spur
    Contact: Kelsey Markus, 209-533-6990, kmmarkus@ucanr.edu

  32. Sutter-Yuba 4-H Camp
    Contact: Erin Cucchi, erincucchi@gmail.com 
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