4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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4-H Youth Development Program

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Has your club or project done something extraordinary? Has your group or activity made a difference in the community? Then share your experience with 4-Hers across the state!

Stories must be written in the third person and should be no longer than one page of text (12 pt font, single spaced). Please incorporate the following components: The Issue, What did 4-H Do?, and The Payoff. Be sure to include a photograph or your story will not be posted online!

Please see http://www.ca4h.org/?story=12&showall=yes for current 4-H Delivers stories.

Any content submitted here becomes the property of the California State 4-H Office. The California 4-H Youth Development Program reserves the right to make any edits as needed before uploading content to the state website, ca4h.org.

For questions, please contact Jenna Colburn at jcolburn@ucanr.edu.

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4-H Revolution of Responsibility funded projects


Please upload:

A photograph - Select one photo of the event or activity that supplements the text. (Please use JPEG or GIF files.). To send more than 1 photo, please email them to Jenna Colburn at jcolburn@ucanr.edu.

If this is a 4-H Revolution of Responsibility funded project

1. Final expense summary reflecting how the funds were used. 
2. Samples of your efforts to raise community visibility of 4-H

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