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4-H Youth Development Program
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Thrive Educational Series Resources

Educational Materials

As you read through the 4-H Thrive materials you will discover that the concepts presented emphasize educational practices as well as personal development of thriving skills.  Age-appropriate, research-based educational materials are both fun and engaging and are available for youth at each stage of their development

iSprout (ages 5-8) educational track focuses on becoming capable, competent, caring and contributing citizens. Activities throughout the curriculum focus on the following four topics: Knowing Me, Knowing My Family, Knowing 4-H and Knowing My Community. All activities are in one facilitator’s guide.

Both iGrow (ages 9-11) and iThrive (for teens) have similar educational designs with language and activities that are specifically designed for the age group. 

We strongly encourage that you don’t combine age groups.  The educational materials cover the thriving concepts (Sparks, Goal Management, Mindset and the 6 Cs and Self-Reflection) within the contexts of intelligence, personality, SET (Science, Engineering and Technology), and Healthy Living. 

All lessons follow 4-H’s Experiential Learning Model for maximum engagement and retention. 

All series have recognition pins that can be ordered from All Action Awards.  

Registering for the 2017-18 Program Year

Register as a Thrive Project Leader or Master Trainer and order Curriculum

1. If you are planning to be a Thrive Project Leader or Master Trainer, please register. This helps us understand what the support needs are across the state and how best we can provide resources to everyone who is involved in the Thrive Educational Series.  REGISTER HERE   

2.  New Thrive Project Leaders and/or Master Trainers need to complete 5 online courses:


  • Foundations of Positive Youth Development
  • Discovering Your Spark
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • G.P.S.Goal Management System
  • The 6 Cs and Self-Reflection

Once these courses are completed, you will be able to place an order for your curriculum.

If you are a returning Thrive Project Leader and/or Master Trainers there are no new course requirements.  If you need to order curriculum, see the link to ordering, below. 


Curricula & Prop Box Supply Orders

Certain items in the 4-H Thrive Educational Series were created specifically for this project by 4-H and cannot be purchased in a store. The CA 4-H state office is making those items available for purchase. Items can be purchased individually or as a whole kit.

Most items needed to accomplish the activities can be purchased at local stores. Each county should have one or more prop boxes for most of the curriculum. Please check with your county office to check out the prop box. In the fourth year, prop boxes were distributed directly to project leaders who participated. Those supplies can be reused and you might check with other project leaders who have delivered the projects in the past.

Items for sale from the State Office are:

  • Thrive Series Educational Material Kits $19.00

(Includes 1 Pack of Field of Science Cards, 2 Packs of Sparks Cards, 6 Message Seeds (iThrive or iGrow), 1 Community Map, 1 Set of Detour Cards (iThrive or iGrow), and 1 Set of Food Group Posters)

  • Community Map  $10 each
  • Field of Science Cards  $3 each
  • Food Science Cards  $3 each
  • Sparks Cards  $2 each
  • Food Group Posters  $2 each
  • Message Seeds  (iGrow or iThrive)  $1 each
  • Detour Cards  (iGrow or iThrive)  $1 each

Click here to order Curriculum and/or Prop Box Supplies 

(Orders will not be processed until all other requirements have been met)


Thrive Educational Series Resources

Resources for the 4-H Thrive Educational Series are available by focus area.  These resources can include activity sheets, supplemental articles and videos.  Please click on the curricula in the left-hand menu bar for the series that you wish to get resources for.

The "Keep in Mind" sheets are 1-2 page overviews of each of the four skill building areas of the 4-H Thrive Educational Materials.  Each sheet has:

  • Key messages for the area
  • Objectives to accomplish around that area
  • Tips for ensuring a youth-driven approach 

Sparks        Goal Management    Mindset    6 C's & Self-Reflection

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