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4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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Candace, San Luis Obispo County

Candace, Cerro Alto 4-H Club, San Luis Obispo County

Candace, a six year 4-H member, has developed a love for animals, as well as for public speaking and textiles.  Candace joined 4-H when she was just five years old.  During her first year in 4-H, she prepared a presentation called “How to Put a T-Shirt on a Dog.” Candace continued to share her knowledge, doing four more presentations called “How to Make a Cork Mat,” “Parts of a Chicken,” “How to Play the Flute,” and “What to Feed Your Horse.”  This year, Candace and her sister worked on a joint presentation entitled “Common Horse Ailments and Vaccinations.”  She received a gold seal and a gold medal at both County and Sectional Presentation Day.

One of Candace’s favorite 4-H projects is clothing and textiles.  She made a dress and modeled it at the Food, Fun and Fashion Review.  “I loved being up there and I felt like a real model showing off clothes that I made, not clothes that some fancy schmancy Italian designer made,” she says.  Next year, Candace wants to become a junior leader for the project, because she wants to share her sewing skills with fellow 4-Hers.

Eleven-year-old Candace also has experience in the horse and goat projects.  She received high point at the Gymkhana Field Day with her horse. She also made goat soap to show at Cerro Alto 4-H Club’s December meeting.

Candace is looking forward to another successful year in 4-H.  She says her 4-H “hat is now lopsided heavy and leans to the left” because of all the pins she won this year.

Author: Sara Kohgadai, State 4-H Office Student Assistant, sbkohgadai@ucdavis.edu

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