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Simone and Autumn, Santa Cruz County

Simone and Autumn, Felton 4-H Club, Santa Cruz County

Simone and Autumn
For many years, Felton 4-H Club focused primarily on animal projects and, due to a lack of funds, rarely had enough community service opportunities. However, when Simon and Autumn joined Felton 4-H Club, within two years they had “completely changed the face of the club,” says one Felton 4-H Club Project leader.

Simone and Autumn embraced the challenge of bringing new fundraisers to Felton 4-H; they single-handedly raised over $800 worth of merchandise for their first project, which was the local Spring Fair. Their guidance and collaboration turned the Spring Fair into a profitable event, as opposed to one that barely broke even.

These two have shown a remarkable amount of leadership not only in organizing and running these large events, but in delegating responsibilities and assisting younger members. Their guidance and instruction has taught others how to be polite, positive, and effective when fundraising.

The funds and material goods they raise go towards 4-H events and activities, charities, future fundraisers, and financial assistance for 4-Hers without means. They have also collaborated with Valley Churches United Missions, a local charity, to further expand their influence. In less than two years, Simon and Autumn have raised an astonishing $5,000 that has helped many people both within and outside of the 4-H program.

Author: Annalee Sanborn, Student Assistant, State 4-H Office
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