4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
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4-H Youth Development Program

WRLF 2018

California is home to the 2018 Western Region Leaders' Forum!

Interested in serving on the planning committees for the Forum?

The Forum leadership is now seeking youth and adult volunteers to fill roles as Sub-committee Coordinators and Committee Members.

Chair Term of Service: 3 years
Coordinator Term of Service: 3 years
Committee member term of service 1-3 years depending on committee need

WRLF Committee Chairs serve on the WRLF Steering Committee which also includes the Conference Leader, State Office Leader, and two annually rotating California State Ambassadors.  The Tech Support Coordinator is an ad hoc member of the Steering Committee.  

WRLF 2018 Steering Committee

Forum Leader: Paulette Sauln, San Diego County
State Office WRLF Leader: Gemma Miner
Education Chair: JoLynn Miller, Tuolumne County
Youth Track Co-Chairs: Tatiana Woliung, San Diego County, Lauren Henkens, Sacramento County and Amanda Stallman, San Luis Obispo County
Promotions Chair: Ryan Cleland, Siskiyou County
Recreation/Entertainment Chair: Ray Stark, San Diego County
Exhibit Hall/Vendor Chair: vacant
Tech Support Coordinator: John Trammell, San Bernardino County
Culture & Environment Chair: Robin White-Cotton
Transportation Chair: Colleen Tschumperlin, San Diego County
Sponsorships Chair: Colleen Tschumperlin, San Diego County
2015-16 State Ambassadors: Jordan Miner

WRLF 2018 Committee Coordinators and Members

WRLF Committee Coordinators serve as a member of a standing committee and fulfill the role of the coordinator of a sub-committee. Some committees have predetermined sub-committees, while other committees may form sub-committees as they determine committee work and needs. Committee members serve as a working member of a standing committee. 

All committees are comprised of both youth (ages 13-18 years) and adult members. 

Committee Coordinator and Member Application Timeline
February 4:  Release volunteer applications
April 3, 11:59 pm: Committee Coordinators and Committee apps deadline
June 30: Committees formed and selections notified

First, review the 2018 WRLF Roles and Responsibilities and WRLF ORG CHART

If you would like to apply for the role of sub-committee Coordinator or committee member, please click here to complete the application. 

Questions? Contact WRLF2018@gmail.com


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