4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
4-H Youth Development Program

Meet the Program Assistants

SLC Program Assistants have a crucial role in the youth delegates' experience. The Program Assistant role helps SLC delegates to have the most amazing leadership experience possible. Program Assistants (or PAs) are the ones who make SLC meaningful and personal for every youth delegate.

Here's your chance to get to know our hand-selected PA team before the conference!

PA Sarah

Meet the PA Coordinator, Sarah Lloyd from Belmont, CA

College: UC Davis

Major: Chemistry; Minor: Sexuality Studies

Favorite 4-H Project: Show Chickens

Fun Fact: I've been performing improv comedy for six years!




Meet Your 2016 SLC Program Assistants


PA Daniela
 Daniela Abatti from El Centro, CA

College: Imperial Valley College

Major: Animal Science & Nutrition

Favorite 4-H Project: Swine

Fun Fact: I'm a first degree black belt in chun kuk do and tae kwon do. 



PA Ashley
Ashley Abrahamson from Fresno County

College: UC Davis

Major: Linguistics; Minor: Education

Favorite 4-H Project: Leadership & Public Speaking

Fun Fact: I have a major sweet tooth!




PA Ashlyn
Ashlyn Aiu from San Mateo County

College: Cal Poly, SLO

Major: Graphic Communication; Minor in Music

Favorite 4-H Project: Horse

Fun Fact: My favorite activity is rock climbing!




PA Kelsey
Kelsey Arbuckle from Contra Costa County

College: Pennsylvania State University

Majors: Advertising & Public Relations and Information Sciences & Technology

Minors: Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Business & Liberal Arts, International Studies

Favorite 4-H Project: Rabbits

Fun Fact: I can lick my elbow!


PA Caitlin
Caitlin Audycki from Sacramento County

College: Cosumnes River College

Major: Accounting; Minor: Agriculture Business

Favorite 4-H Project: Rabbits and Dairy Cattle

Fun Fact: Since starting the rabbit project 18 years ago, I have raised nearly 200 rabbits.



PA Lucinda
Lucinda Avila from La Selva Beach, CA

College: CSU Monterey Bay 

Major: Psychology

Favorite 4-H Project: Fair Booth

Fun Fact: I'm left-handed!



PA Mia
Mia Castro from Sonoma Valley

College: Santa Rosa Junior College

Major: Social Work and Early Childhood Development

Favorite 4-H Project: Leadership

Fun Fact: I like coffee more than I like most things.




PA Megan
Megan Daniel from Alameda County

College: Las Positas College

Major: Undeclared

Favorite 4-H Project: Camp, Swine

Fun Fact: I worked at the National 4-H Conference Center in D.C.




PA Patrick

Patrick Germann from Stanislaus County

College: CSU Stanislaus

Major: History; Minor: English

Favorite 4-H Project: Dairy Cattle, Public Speaking

Fun Fact: My family has a family crest, and it has a unicorn on it.




Elizabeth Hicks from Fresno County

College: Chico State

Major: Animal Science

Favorite 4-H Project: Market Lambs

Fun Fact: I love teaching myself how to do new projects.


Kristina Judy from Solano County



Favorite 4-H Project:


PA Kyle
Kyle Kern from Kern County

College: CSU Monterey Bay

Major: Software Design and Game Design

Favorite 4-H Project: Rabbits

Fun Fact: I have a binder full of pikachu cards!




PA Austin (2)
Austin Kozlowski from Sacramento County

College: UC Davis

Major: Wildlife Biology & Conservation

Favorite 4-H Project: Dogs

Fun Fact: I love hiking and being outside.




PA Kaitlin
Kaitlin Kozlowski from Sacramento County

College: UC Davis

Major: Animal Science

Favorite 4-H Project: Dog Care and Training

Fun Fact: I'm the descendant of Benjamin Franklin, King Richard the Lionheart, and the Sheriff of Events, South Dakota (who was friends with Butch Cassidy).



PA Julianna
Julianna Lydon from Santa Clara County

College: Loyola University - New Orleans

Major: Public Relations; Minor: Sociology

Favorite 4-H Project: Puppet making

Fun Fact: I started a Collegiate 4-H Club at my university.





PA Kyla
Kyla McClure from Stanislaus County

College: CSU Stanislaus

Major: Psychology

Favorite 4-H Project: Photography and Cultural Arts

Fun Fact: I've read the entire Harry Potter series five times.




Niki Milligan from Stanislaus County

College: Modesto Junior College

Major: Photography

Favorite 4-H Project: Cultural Arts

Fun Fact: I always wear mismatched socks!


PA Tanner
Tanner Newton from Santa Cruz County

College: Cabrillo College

Major: Electrical Engineering

Favorite 4-H Project: Leadership

Fun Fact: I can do a Rubik's Cube in under 50 seconds.




Brittany Newton from Soquel, CA

College: Moor Park College; University of Chester

Major: Exotic Animal Training and Management; Animal Behavior and Welfare

Favorite 4-H Project: Leadership

Fun Fact: I am learning to play the banjo!




PA Noelle
Noelle Ritzman from Pollock Pines, CA

College: Humboldt State University

Major: Political Science

Favorite 4-H Project: Resident Camp

Fun Fact: I am addicted to reading!




PA Rioh
Rioh Rowe from Red Bluff, CA

College: Chico State University

Major: Computer Science; Minor: Mathematics

Favorite 4-H Project: Beekeeping

Fun Fact: I like experimenting with physics.




PA Elliot(2)
Elliot Serena from Cobb, CA

College: UC Davis

Major: Biochemistry

Favorite 4-H Project: Robotics

Fun Fact: I've donated 3+ gallons of blood in my lifetime.




PA Justina
Justina Sharp from Sacramento County

College: American River College

Major: Journalism and Foreign Languages

Favorite 4-H Project: Camp!

Fun Fact: I'm a fashion and entertainment journalist!





Tiffany Thompson from Oakdale, CA

College: Cal Poly SLO

Major: Agricultural Communication

Favorite 4-H Project: Sheep

Fun Fact: I have a pet turtle!


PA Curtis
Curtis Ullerich from Santa Clara County

College: Iowa State University

Major: Computer Engineering; Minor: Music Technology

Favorite 4-H Project: Horse

Fun Fact: I can juggle torches.




PA Emily
Emily Violini from Salinas, CA (The Salad Bowl of the World)

College: University of Wyoming

Major: Animal and Veterinary Science, Pre-Vet

Favorite 4-H Project: Wildlife

Fun Fact: When I was a member, my All Star team and I led a session about collaborative leadership based entirely upon vegetable puns.




PA Peter
Peter Warrick from San Mateo County

College: Willamette University; University of Oregon

Major: Physics; Minor: Math; Master's in Applied Physics

Favorite 4-H Project: Woodworking

Fun Fact: I blow things up with lasers.




PA Andrew
Andrew Wood from Placer County

College: Sierra College

Major: Music

Favorite 4-H Project: Guide Dogs

Fun Fact: One of my proudest accomplishments was when my boss asked me to attach two pieces of wood: I totally nailed it.

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