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State 4-H Robotics Events

The State 4-H Robotics Events are one of many events that take place during California 4-H State Field Day. #CA4HStateFieldDay


This is the first year we are hosting 4-H Robotics Events at the California 4-H State Field Day. This year we are hosting a 4-H Robotics Competition and Drop-in Robotics Activities. Details for each are listed below.

Why Robotics 

Robotics can spark a youth’s interest and imagination or can be a stepping stone to a better understanding of core school subjects that can lead to rewarding careers in STEM-related fields. Also, robots are FUN!

The State Robotics Events will be a place for 4-H members to showcase their accomplishments and provide an opportunity for youth and their leaders to network with others across the state who are interested in robotics and other STEM-related programs and activities.


These events were planned by the STEM Advisory Committee. For competition questions, please contact Maria Thomason, napathomasons@gmail.com, or Dennis Derickson, ddericks@calpoly.edu.


Robotics Competition

Pre-registration is recommended to save a time slot to compete in the Robotics Contest. On-site registration will be accepted if time slots are available.

No pre-qualification is necessary. Participants are not required to be enrolled in a 4-H robotics project in order to participate.


Individuals and teams bring pre-built and programmed robots to complete the challenge course. Any robotic platform may be used to compete in the 4-H Robotic Competition.

Space and electricity will be available for participants who want to make modifications to their robot or programs. Practice runs may be scheduled as time allows. 

Individuals and teams of youth use robots to complete one of three different challenge courses:

  • Entry Level (Level 1)
  • Intermediate (Level 2)
  • Advanced (Level 3) 

Pre-qualification is not required and participants are not required to be enrolled in a 4-H robotics project in order to participate. 


10:00 am - 12 noon     Contest Prep
Registered participants can arrange practice runs and make adjustments to their robot or programs. If there are time slots available, walk-in participants will be accepted.

12 noon - 3:00 pm      Robotics Contest
Registered participants will demonstrate how well their robot completes this year's challenge.


  • A 4H State Field Day recognition certificate will be awarded to participants for the highest challenge level completed (Entry Level, Intermediate, or Advanced)

  • Blue, Silver, Gold, or Platinum seals will be awarded based on the Danish system of judging

Drop-in Robotics Activities - 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Walk-in robotics participants are welcome! There will be an inventory of Scribbler 2 robots and training available for the Entry Level Course.  We want to make robots available so many people can be successful.

  • Scribbler 2 robots and adult leaders will be available to help youth learn how to program a robot to complete the Entry Level challenge.

  • VEX robots will be available for youth to use with remote controls

You can also bring your own robots or robotic kit and collaborate with other 4-H members during the event. Design, build, and program robots to test on the 2018 challenge courses. 

You can network with 4-H members and leaders from all over California who are using robotics as part of their county 4-H programs.


A participation award will be presented to 4-H youth who utilize the Drop-In Robotics Event facility to learn about robots by programming and controlling robots provided.

Challenge Courses

Space will be available for Teams and Individuals who wish to make modifications to their robots and/or computer programs. Practice runs may be scheduled as time allows.

Robotic Challenge Course 1
Robotic Challenge Course 1

Download PDF of Course 1


Robotic Challenge Course 2
Robotic Challenge Course 2

Download PDF of Course 2


Robotic Challenge Course 3
Robotic Challenge Course 3

Download PDF of Course 3


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