4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
4-H Youth Development Program
University of California
4-H Youth Development Program

Past Competition Winners

2018 Best of Show: "The Boot Barn" by Callahan Zediker, Siskiyou County


2018 Best of Division, Senior: "Slippers and Lights" by Laurel Wagner, Mariposa County


2018 Best of Division, Intermediate: "Hand in Disguise" by Anna Sorensen, Ventura County



2018 Best of Division, Junior: "Blow Flower" by Lydia Salters, San Joaquin County



2017 Best of Show: "Be Careful Making Wishes in the Dark" by Paula Piva


2017 Best of Division, Senior: "The Hot Seat" by Jenna Turpin, Placer County


2017 Best of Division, Intermediate: "Old School Pioneer Museum" by Seralyn Colton, Monterey County


2017 Best of Division, Junior: "Floating Leaf" by Luke Walling, Mariposa County

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2015 Best of Show: "What do you see?", Rachel Gray, El Dorado County


2015 Best of Division, Senior: "Dressed in Pollen", Macy Budesilich, Siskiyou County

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2015 Best of Division, Intermediate: "What does the fox say?", Spencer Stewart, Yolo County

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2015 Best of Division, Junior: "Growing My Spark", Nathan Chi, Santa Clara County


2014 Best of Show: "Bee Happy", Matthew Smith, Santa Clara County


2014 Best of Division, Senior: "The End", Matthew Smith, Santa Clara County


2014 Best of Division, Intermediate: "Flip Flops", Amanda Cantwell, Imperial County


2014 Best of Division, Junior: "Giraffe", Enika Patel, San Mateo County


2013 Best of Show: "Sunset on the Pasture", Matthew Smith, Santa Clara County

2013 Best of Division, Senior: "Loves Creation", by Colton Masters, Tuolumne County

2013 Best of Division, Intermediate: "Jump", by Zella Roth, Los Angeles County

2013 Best of Division, Junior: "Peek-A-Boo", by Tomiko Godoy, Alameda County

2012 Best of Show: "Daddy's Coming Home", by Hanna Azevedo, Colusa County 4-H


2012 Best of Division, Senior: "Puddle Jumper", by Nicole Milligan, Stanislaus County 4-H

2012 Best of Division, Intermediate: "Crazy Eye Art", by Baily Morris, Ventura County 4-H

2012 Best of Division, Junior: "Red Eye Flight", by Spencer Caserio, San Luis Obispo County 4-H

2011 Best of Show: "Forster's Tern", by Spencer, San Luis Obispo County 4-H
11_BoS_Forster's Tern_ Spencer_SLO

2011 Best of Division, Senior: "The Real Social Butterflies", by Carina, San Joaquin County 4-H
11_BoDSenior_Real Social Butterflies_Carina_San Joaquin

2011 Best of Division, Intermediate: "The Frog", by Andrew, Napa County 4-H
11_BoDInter_The Frog_Andrew_Napa

2011 Best of Division, Junior: "Old Time Mill", by Grace, Napa County 4-H
11_BoDJr_Old Time Mill_Grace_Napa

2010 Best of Show: by Dani, Shasta County 4-H

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