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California 4-H Youth Development Program
California 4-H Youth Development Program
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California 4-H Youth Development Program

Special Recognition Focus Areas

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Focus areas for Special Recognition are announced annually in October or November. Presenters may only choose one focus area for their presentation, and the area must be the primary topic of the presentation. Presenters can get Special Recognition pins for their chosen focus area.

2019 Focus Areas

Civic Engagement (formerly Citizenship): Community Engagement
4-H youth should strive to make a positive difference by engaging in learning opportunities that give them a heightened sense of responsibility and capacity to connect as active members of their communities, nation, and world.  One of the Four Focus area of 4-H Civic Engagement is Community Engagement. Topics could include using your youth voice for civic change, making informed decision-making, your civic responsibility, being actively engaged on a global level, and social justice.

New Definition
4-H Civic Engagement involves working to making a positive difference in one’s community and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make the difference ( Elrich, 2000.)  4-H youth engage within communities on many scales- from local to global-making contributions that reinforce their sense of purpose and strengthening their sense of belonging with peers and community adults.

Healthy Living: Careers in Health
UC 4-H provides youth with opportunities to explore careers and build competency for college readiness. The field of health-related professions is expanding to meet the needs of the community. This year’s health impromptu is careers in health. Potential topics include exploring educational requirements, salary, and employment rates for professions like physician, psychologist, nutritionist, or public health worker.

Leadership (Formerly Positive Youth Development): Leaders
4-H Leadership provides opportunities for young people to learn and grow specific skills to become a better leader. Potential topics could include; what skills that a successful leader possess, how great leaders inspire the groups they are leading, using leadership skills to achieve goals.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM): Computer Science
Learning computer science is about much more than being able to write computer programs; it is an entirely new way of thinking and solving problems. Learning computer science strengthens important skills, including pattern recognition, logic, problem solving, creativity and more. Potential topics may include computer science careers, computer science concepts, and computer science in our daily lives.


  • Regular 4-H members are eligible (age 9-19).
  • All presentation categories are eligible except impromptu speech.
  • Participants may only choose ONE focus area for their presentation, and the area must be the PRIMARY topic of the presentation.
  • Members who receive a gold seal at a sectional event and compete at the State 4-H Presentation Day are eligible for special recognition.
  • 4-H members must select a focus area when submitting the State 4-H Presentation Day registration to be eligible for special recognition.
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