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California 4-H Youth Development Program
California 4-H Youth Development Program
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California 4-H Youth Development Program

State 4-H Interview Contest

The State 4-H Interview Contest is one of many activities that take place during California 4-H State Field Day . #StateFieldDay

Location: Wellman Hall

8:30am - 9:30am         Participant Check-in
8:30am - 9:30am         Evaluator's Orientation
9:30am - 2:00pm         Same Day Registration
10:00am - 12:00pm     Interview Contest
12:00pm - 1:00pm       Lunch
1:00pm - 3:30pm         Interview Contest

Description: The Interview Contest is a popular event that gives 4-H members an opportunity to practice the real-life skills needed to apply for a job. Participants prepare a resumé and cover letter for a job they choose from the Interview Contest Job Descriptions (TBD). Judges evaluate their performance during a mock interview and give constructive feedback using a standard evaluation rubric.

For more information: Please contact Perryn Wong,, & Aria Lindsay,




Any Junior (9-10 years old), Intermediate (11-13 years old) or Senior (14-19 years old) 4-H member may participate in the 4-H Interview Contest.

Register online
by May 15, 2019

Check-In to Confirm Participation

All registered participants must check in by 9:30 AM in Wellman Hall 107. Check-in secures your participation.


Please indicate "dual-entry" on registration forms for each event you are entering. 

Interview Contest and Fashion Revue

Dual entry in Interview Contest and Fashion Revue may be possible. Check in for dual-registered Fashion Revue members is at Olson Hall only.

Interview Contest and Presentation Day 

Check in at Presentation Day first to get your presentation time. After you receive your time, you can check in at Interview contest to get scheduled for your interview.

Participant Information

Interview Contest participants must do the following:

  • Choose a job: Choose one of the three jobs listed in your age category. Make sure to review the full job descriptions. 2019 Job Descriptions
    • Junior Category
      • Petting Zoo Helper
      • Interactive Game Attendant
      • Dog Walker
    • Intermediate Category
      • Movie Clerk
      • Smoothie Maker
      • Marketing Assistant
    • Senior Category
      • Vet Technician
      • Subject Tutor
      • Market Cashier
  • Develop a resumé: Include real-life experiences (education, work, activities, etc.) that demonstrate your qualifications for the job selected.
  • Write a cover letter: Your cover letter should explain why you should be considered for the job selected.
  • Dress appropriately: Appropriate dress includes 4-H uniform or attire appropriate for a job interview as outlined in the Interview Contest Manual.

Participants are encouraged to review the tips, interview questions, judging rubrics and supporting materials provided in the California State 4-H Interview Contest Manual. 


Register to be an Evaluator

Evaluators are vital to the function of the 4-H Interview Contest! As an Evaluator, you help candidates improve by giving them feedback based on a standard evaluation rubric and written constructive feedback.

Who can be an Evaluator

Evaluators may be:

  • 4-H volunteer leaders
  • 4-H staff
  • 4-H members (16 years of age and older and not participating in other events during State Field Day)
  • People outside of 4-H who have experience in interviewing candidates


  • Review and understand the 4-H Interview Contest Manual and judging rubrics.
  • Provide written constructive feedback to help each candidate improve.

Register to be an Evaluator



California 4-H Interview Contest Manual (PDF) - This manual is a complete guidebook containing rules, procedures and helpful hints for a successful interview. It also contains sample interview questions, sample job descriptions, judging rubrics and supporting materials for preparing for an interview. 

2019 4-H Interview Contest Job Descriptions (PDF) TBD
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