University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
University of California 4-H Youth Development Program
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University of California 4-H Youth Development Program

Regional Presentation Days

About Regional 4-H Presentation Days

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4-H members may present at a Presentation Day to receive feedback and an award.

  1. Each county organizes a County 4-H Presentation Day.
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  2. If you receive a Gold or Blue award at the county level, you are encouraged to present in a Regional 4-H Presentation Day. You may present at ANY Regional 4-H Presentation Day. You can also present at multiple Regional 4-H Presentation Days if you would like to try to improve your score or get more practice.

  3. If you receive a Gold or Blue award at any Area Presentation Day, you may present at the State 4-H Presentation Day.

The 4-H Presentation Program is designed for 4-H members aged 9 to 18. The system of county, area/regional, and state 4-H presentation days supports youth 4-H members (aged 9 to 18) in practicing and improving their public speaking skills. The 4-H Presentation Program was not designed for youth aged 5 to 8; however, counties and area coordinators may voluntarily include them in their County 4-H Presentation Days (note: primary members may only receive participation seals and may not be evaluated or awarded). Primary members are not permitted to participate in the State 4-H Presentation Day. 

Presentation Manual

The 4-H Presentation Manual - Revised November 2020 is the standard guide for all 4-H presentations. The included evaluation forms must be used at all 4-H Presentation Days.


The Regional Presentation Days are coordinated by staff and volunteers, supported by the Public Speaking and Communications Advisory Committee.

Note: To update any of these details, please email Vera at


2021 Regional Presentation Day
will be virtual

Registration will open February 15th. Please complete this registration as early as possible, and select the earliest time slot that works for you. Registration will close at midnight on April 20th.

We know that virtual contests do not solve the problem for every contest or every family. We also recognize that people have other serious priorities right now, and that 4-H participation may not be a priority at the moment. We also understand that not everyone has a home internet connection and may not be able to participate virtually. Furthermore, we did not want to postpone events into the new program/school year. Our goal is to do the best we can in maintaining some normalcy and continuing the learning experiences for as many our youth as possible, honoring the work they have put in over this program year to prepare their presentations. For those who cannot participate this way, we want to keep track and see what we can do. So even if a young person cannot participate virtually, we ask them to complete the registration form and note this in the comments box.


Virtual Regional Presentations Day Procedure

Two-hour time slots available on select days from April 10 to April 24.
After qualifying at a County 4-H Presentation Day (either in-person or virtual), youth may register to present at Regional Presentation Day during a 2-hour time block offered between April  10 – April 24. Time blocks are first-come, first-served.


After registering, youth presenters will receive a confirmation for their time block with a meeting link. During their scheduled time block, youth will log on with a computer/tablet or smart phone and present in front of a camera/webcam. They may use poster boards and props (if the category permits these) or using digital slides by “sharing my screen.” All requirements from the 4-H Presentation Manual apply.

Evaluators will enter their scores and comments digitally, which will be sent to the “tally room.” Evaluations forms will be emailed to presenters along with their placing. Award certificates and pins will be sent to County offices when State Presentation Awards are mailed out before June 30.


Technology and Required Equipment


Youth will present at home using the virtual meeting platform using a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Youth are encouraged to log in 15-minutes in advance to ensure their webcam, mic, and speakers are working.

Required equipment:

  • Computer/Tablet with webcam, microphone, and speakers and internet connection
  • Or smart phone with camera

The Zoom app should be installed on the computer/tablet or smart phone. Download the software at

Video tutorials are available at 

HINT: Youth presenters may want to sign-up for a free account to practice at home!

Helpful tips

  • Zoom allows for connection through computer/table where audio (mic & speakers) are connected to the computer. Zoom also allows for hybrid connections where the computer/table captures video but one can call-in over traditional phone network for audio. This is useful in situations where the Internet speed/bandwidth is slow; users can have higher quality sound by calling in on a phone but continue to see and share video through their computer/tablet.
  • Those who call in through their phone need to press *6 to mute or unmute.
  • Those connecting via computer/tablet need to know how to adjust their mic and sound. There are two sets of controls for mic and speaker settings: (1) those in the computer setting itself, and (2) another setting in the zoom meeting room. The zoom meeting room settings are found in the lower left corner of the screen. Make sure the correct microphone and speaker are selected for your device.
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